"Attitude: A complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways."

I remember feeling heavy headed but extremely excited while on our way to Goa. We finally settled on driving from Bangalore. Smooth perfect roads, rocky mountains and good loud music. The perfect start!

While travelling in India beggars, hawkers, Eunuchs are pretty common  on crossings, signals or tolls. Beggars I always try and avoid. Eunuchs in India are a completely different case. It‘s considered bad luck if you don’t pay up their “shagun”. Me, however, not being too superstitious,  prefer to avoid eunuchs as well.

We were crossing a Toll where this particular Eunuch came up and started demanding. I as usual just ignored her. But my friend on the front seat being a believer fumbled around for a few change. I was pretty annoyed at her and told her strongly not to bother. The Eunuch noticed me irritated and just continued staring at me. Right outside my window, she leaned in a little. With just the window in between, I couldn’t help but stare at her back.  It felt like she was analyzing me. I swear it gave me the creeps for a moment. My friend then took out two ten Rupees note and handed it over to her. She looked at it and promptly returned back ten rupees.

Friend: “No no…Keep it. It’s for you.”
Eunuch: “Madam, I accept this as a shagun. But I’m not a beggar. Ten Rs will do.”
Then staring at me,
“Have a good life ahead. May you get everything you wish for.”

I know she meant to flabbergast me. And I was. All I could do was agape with wonder and watch her sashay away.
Definitely a first for me. She returned the money!!!
Lesson well learnt.
Reason before you form an opinion….about anyone.