Givenchy waterproof lip liner pencil #5 Lip Rouge

I must confess i'm not really a red lip person . More of an orange really. But i wanted some good red lippies for my wedding. Coz i was adamant about wearing red every waking hour of my wedding week. I was getting married!!! Isn't that reason enough? 

Sooo when i came across this on medplusbeauty.com, i obviously pounced on it! With a discount of Flat 50% Off on Givenchy products i did splurge on some (Details here)

Company claim:
Helps define lip contours. Makes lipstick stay on better. Waterproof for long lasting effect. Enriched with vitamin E to combat aging. Comes with a sharpener in the pack.

The colour is a true red (with no orange under tones). It is a cool toned, blue based red. 

Blue based/Cool tones reflect the white off your teeth enhancing them in the process, creating the illusion of whiter teeth.

But i think a warmer red suits me better. However warm toned reds tend to reflect the yellow off your teeth hence can make your teeth look yellow. 

My trick: Apply a cool toned lip liner. If the blue based red does not suit your skin tone, dab a warm toned red lipstick over it. Avoid applying the lipstick too heavily. Preferably dab your choice of colour mostly at the centre of your lips and smack! The colour shall not feather and your teeth will be just fine.  Ladies try it and let me know if it works for you.  

 The texture is not dry so it wont tug while applying and not too creamy hence it wont feather easily. The texture is just creamy enough. For comparison sake, i find the texture quite similar to Bourjois Levres Contour Lip Pencil (love those!) But Givenchy lasts on the lips way longer.

As the company claims, it is waterproof enough. You can wear it on a rainy day without a second thought or splash water on your face. It shall stay put. It does spread if messed around with too much and transfers a little (half hearted lipstick marks on paper cups). But once set and if not messed with too violently , it stays for a pretty long time. Kiss proof for sure ;)

I love wearing these alone...wears like a matte lipstick. After a while, if it gets too dry, dab on some lip balm. It fades evenly. Hence looks like a stain after a few hours. The look of which i love. Especially during summers.  

Ooh and every pencil comes with a sharpener!! Added bonus.

Price:  Givenchy waterproof lip liner pencil with sharpener – MRP Rs. 1100/- 
(Rs. 550/- after discount)

HOT/NOT: Smokin' Hot! But repurchase only on discounts.  

*Any red lip tricks to share?*

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GIVENCHY Rouge Interdit Satin lipstick 13 Tempting Coral

Last November Medplusbeauty.com offered an introductory discount of Flat 50% Off on Givenchy products to the first 10 customers. I obviously jumped at it! I treated myself to an early birthday gift. (True to myself I did not buy me anything else. Not even Body Shop products at huge discounts #proud #sigh #regret).

 I had ordered 3 products:

1)      Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin lipstick 13 Tempting Coral – MRP Rs.1700/- 
(Rs. 850/- after discount)

2)      Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin lipstick 02 Enchanting Beige – MRP  Rs.1700/- 
(Rs. 850/- after discount)

3)      Givenchy waterproof lip liner pencil with sharpener – MRP Rs. 1100/- 
(Rs. 550/- after discount)

However I was later informed  #02 Enchanting Beige was unavailable. I (thankfully) had opted for Cash on Delivery, so no hassles with refund and stuff.

I mean, can we just stop a moment and admire the Babe ‘Lady’ here (Yes. I personify certain things which are worth it).

Classy. Elegant. Beautiful. I could just stare at the packaging for hours. It is very sturdy. No flimsy caps here. (Well, it better be. Considering the price).

Tempting Coral is exactly what it’s called. A true coral with orange base tones. Not too orange not too peach. The perfect mix.

As it claims, it has a satin finish. The lipstick applies sheer and requires a few more applications for an opaque finish. It’s lets you build up the colour.
L: Natural light     R: With Flash

I love the colour! Perfect for summer-spring! An everyday colour even. Not too bright per se but immediately brightens up the face.   

On me, this lipstick lasts for 2-3 hours max. However, I have this irritating habit of biting, smacking, licking (I know I know how that sounds!)… basically everything I shouldn’t be doing to my lips. Even then, I wish the lipstick stayed longer. This was a major disappointment for me.  

The texture is creamy and quite moisturizing. However it does not bleed or spread or stain. Does not settle in fine lines.

It fades out evenly. Calls for a re-apply after 2.5 hrs, but it leaves a balmy effect.      

 So light in texture that you’ll hardly notice you have it on.

HOT/NOT: Sadly, Not for me. I really wanted to fall head over heels. But One is enough. I’ll treasure the lipstick in my collection just for the brand and packaging. However, if I’m to shed Rs.1700/- on a lipstick, I expect waaayy more than just good packaging.

Which high end product did you indulge in out of lust? Was it worth it? 

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Random Favourites - II

Beauty and Body Favourites:

1) Original Source Lime Body wash: I’ll be very honest here. I was sold at the packaging and the look of it. I really didn’t care how it fared. I mean it glows in the sun light!!! So coming back to the actual content of it, this isn’t my HG body wash for sure. However it is good for summers. Does not lather too much. Does not leave my skin oily or dry. It smells of lemons with a pinch of Dettol, maybe. I feel refreshed and squeaky clean after using this. I feel it helps to keep the body odour at bay. (Hey! Don’t judge me. That’s an essential for Kolkata’s humid pathetic summers!). And yes, just the scent is enough to refresh me whether it’s early in the morning or the end of a tired sticky day at work.

2)      Ponds BB cream: Finally a BB cream that works for me. Enough raved about it already. I’ll save the pain.

3)      Mango Your Jeans perfume: On my 3rd bottle.  (I should just stop here)
ALWAYS receive a compliment on this one. This has ME written all over it. It was made for ME, keeping ME in mind. I’m sure you get the drift.

4)      Care & Essentialz: I am loving their products. I have extremely sensitive skin. Their cotton balls and wet wipes are my HG products. They have the softest, lightest cotton there can be!! The wet wipes have such a refreshing and clean effect on me. The scent is not overwhelming and it does not leave a sticky feel afterwards. I purchase them from Spencers.

5)      Pastel polishes: I am obsessed with them this summer. Who isn’t right?

Left: Colorama Absinto; Right: Maybelline ColorShow Cotton Candy
6)      Nail polish wipes: These are oil based polish wipes. A single sheet is enough to wipe polish from all 10 fingers. However if it’s a deep colour, I prefer to use 2 sheets. It does not leave my nails dry. It’s real convenient to carry just in case of emergencies. Since it’s an oil based remover, it does not evaporate easily. However if the lid’s kept open for long, it does dry out. These smell lovely. The scents are respective to the pictures on the lid. Love the rose scent. It’s always cool to have your nails smell of roses after a nice cleanup.

That's all for now...
What are your current favourites?

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MNG 'Your Jeans' Mango Eu De Toilette

MNG Your Jeans was launched by Mango in 2005.
Top/Head Notes: Green Leaves and Lemon.
Middle/Heart Notes: Spices and Cardomom.
Base Notes: Fruity notes and Vanilla.

MNG Your Jeans is the first perfume I bought for myself and since then I’m hooked. My friends literally identify me with this scent.
"This fragrance will always remind me of my 20’s for the rest of my life. I’m sure, down the years when I’m 47, with 2 grown up kids and a husband who’s too busy watching cricket to notice me. I’m in that phase of life when everything has come to a standstill and I feel like I’m losing myself. When I reach menopause… I shall reach into my secret treasure chest, dig out this perfume and take whiff.
It’ll instantly transport me back to my carefree days of growing up, facing the world… taking it by the horns, every moment that built the foundation of the woman I am. And everything will be good with the world again!"   
[Enough with the melodrama already! I swear my emotional attachment to this fragrance shall not influence my take on this perfume. #whitelies]

Remember perfumes always sit differently on everyone. The scent fuses with the body chemistry and gives out a unique fragrance.
Main Accords: On intial application, it smells fruity, citrus. Say an hour later, after the citrusy notes evaporate, I start getting a whiff of the vanilla notes. After 2-3 hours, it settles in warm and spicy. As the day progresses, it gets more muskier and warmer on me.
I love the way this fragrance blends with my body chemistry.
I’ve heard a few females complain this only stays on them for 3 hrs max. But I’d like to point out Eu De Toilette versions aren’t meant to stay on forever.
For longer stay, please look for scents which are Eu De Parfum.
However, this does stay on me forever! A good 10 hours without re-applying!! And for an Eu De toilette, I think that’s exceptionally good.

I personally like the warm and spicy heart note of this perfume which smells better when it’s a little lived in. If re-applied within 3 hrs, the scent can get a tad bit over powering. Coz mind you, this isn’t your subtle, delicate, fresh as a daisy scent. This is pretty hard core.
This is ideally a summer day scent . But if you’re a rebel like me, let no one tell you what to wear and when!
If I wanna smell like your jeans all year…I goddamn shall and will! (pun intended)  
Fair Warning: If you are looking for a mature, classy scent… this isn’t for you.
I shall not recommend this for the mature ladies say >35 yrs of age.
All you sassy, care-a-damn, warm, seductive…but on a budget girlies, go get a whiff of it. NOW!
Price: 100ml – MRP Rs. 1950/-
Get it on Jabong.com for Rs.1067/-  


Random Favourites

Stuff I’m currently obsessed with:

 `  1)    Bose headphones: Trust me. Invest in one today and your phone, mp3 player, laptop… goddamn anything will sound awesome! And you will not touch any other headphs…Ever. I even use these with my IPod. Yes the Apple headphones are great too. But you see the silicone earplugs on these? I can wear them ALL day…unlike the apple ones (Not that you should. Wear them all day ie…unless you want a hearing aid for the rest of your life).
·         Wired In-ear-canalphone Design
·         1.15m Cable Length
·         Model ID – IE2
·         Price – Rs.6,638/-

    2) Nokia Mix Radio: This one’s for all the music lovers with Nokia Lumia. I am sooo in love with this app. I can download a Mix offline and just keep listening to random songs without having to choose a playlist or searching through my player. My best companion during bus rides, while killing time, when I’m dressing up, taking a bath or when I wanna calm my nerves. Yes music is the answer to everything. I wish I had a personalized background score for my various moods in real life… like in the movies…oooh that would be so cool.

   3) Nescafe Vanilla Latte:You know there are certain things in life that are just meant to be? Vanilla and Coffee…yes they're soulmates! Love it! It’s creamy, it feels rich, luxurious…just heavenly. I usually have my coffee with milk and no sugar. But on those special days when I feel like treating myself, I brew me some mean coffee with a teaspoon full sugar and half a sachet of Vanilla Latte. I don’t just add water to the Vanilla latte powder like it says on the carton (the rebel that I am).  I don’t like my coffee too thin or watery. It’s gotta be all milk for me baby.  So I use this just for the flavor and that extra creaminess. Hot or Cold…it’s just YUM!
      5sachets X 15gm= 75gm
      Price- Rs.75/-  
   4) Jazz: Frank Sinatra. Been listening to the oldies quite a bit. "I've got you under my skin" on repeat! 

                                                                                                              Play this in the background!

   5) Zoomin.com: Gifted mom a canvas print photo frame on Mother’s Day. Loved it. Been ordering some  prints to frame in my room.  

   6) TV shows: The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Obsessed!