GIVENCHY Rouge Interdit Satin lipstick 13 Tempting Coral

Last November Medplusbeauty.com offered an introductory discount of Flat 50% Off on Givenchy products to the first 10 customers. I obviously jumped at it! I treated myself to an early birthday gift. (True to myself I did not buy me anything else. Not even Body Shop products at huge discounts #proud #sigh #regret).

 I had ordered 3 products:

1)      Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin lipstick 13 Tempting Coral – MRP Rs.1700/- 
(Rs. 850/- after discount)

2)      Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin lipstick 02 Enchanting Beige – MRP  Rs.1700/- 
(Rs. 850/- after discount)

3)      Givenchy waterproof lip liner pencil with sharpener – MRP Rs. 1100/- 
(Rs. 550/- after discount)

However I was later informed  #02 Enchanting Beige was unavailable. I (thankfully) had opted for Cash on Delivery, so no hassles with refund and stuff.

I mean, can we just stop a moment and admire the Babe ‘Lady’ here (Yes. I personify certain things which are worth it).

Classy. Elegant. Beautiful. I could just stare at the packaging for hours. It is very sturdy. No flimsy caps here. (Well, it better be. Considering the price).

Tempting Coral is exactly what it’s called. A true coral with orange base tones. Not too orange not too peach. The perfect mix.

As it claims, it has a satin finish. The lipstick applies sheer and requires a few more applications for an opaque finish. It’s lets you build up the colour.
L: Natural light     R: With Flash

I love the colour! Perfect for summer-spring! An everyday colour even. Not too bright per se but immediately brightens up the face.   

On me, this lipstick lasts for 2-3 hours max. However, I have this irritating habit of biting, smacking, licking (I know I know how that sounds!)… basically everything I shouldn’t be doing to my lips. Even then, I wish the lipstick stayed longer. This was a major disappointment for me.  

The texture is creamy and quite moisturizing. However it does not bleed or spread or stain. Does not settle in fine lines.

It fades out evenly. Calls for a re-apply after 2.5 hrs, but it leaves a balmy effect.      

 So light in texture that you’ll hardly notice you have it on.

HOT/NOT: Sadly, Not for me. I really wanted to fall head over heels. But One is enough. I’ll treasure the lipstick in my collection just for the brand and packaging. However, if I’m to shed Rs.1700/- on a lipstick, I expect waaayy more than just good packaging.

Which high end product did you indulge in out of lust? Was it worth it? 

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