Givenchy waterproof lip liner pencil #5 Lip Rouge

I must confess i'm not really a red lip person . More of an orange really. But i wanted some good red lippies for my wedding. Coz i was adamant about wearing red every waking hour of my wedding week. I was getting married!!! Isn't that reason enough? 

Sooo when i came across this on medplusbeauty.com, i obviously pounced on it! With a discount of Flat 50% Off on Givenchy products i did splurge on some (Details here)

Company claim:
Helps define lip contours. Makes lipstick stay on better. Waterproof for long lasting effect. Enriched with vitamin E to combat aging. Comes with a sharpener in the pack.

The colour is a true red (with no orange under tones). It is a cool toned, blue based red. 

Blue based/Cool tones reflect the white off your teeth enhancing them in the process, creating the illusion of whiter teeth.

But i think a warmer red suits me better. However warm toned reds tend to reflect the yellow off your teeth hence can make your teeth look yellow. 

My trick: Apply a cool toned lip liner. If the blue based red does not suit your skin tone, dab a warm toned red lipstick over it. Avoid applying the lipstick too heavily. Preferably dab your choice of colour mostly at the centre of your lips and smack! The colour shall not feather and your teeth will be just fine.  Ladies try it and let me know if it works for you.  

 The texture is not dry so it wont tug while applying and not too creamy hence it wont feather easily. The texture is just creamy enough. For comparison sake, i find the texture quite similar to Bourjois Levres Contour Lip Pencil (love those!) But Givenchy lasts on the lips way longer.

As the company claims, it is waterproof enough. You can wear it on a rainy day without a second thought or splash water on your face. It shall stay put. It does spread if messed around with too much and transfers a little (half hearted lipstick marks on paper cups). But once set and if not messed with too violently , it stays for a pretty long time. Kiss proof for sure ;)

I love wearing these alone...wears like a matte lipstick. After a while, if it gets too dry, dab on some lip balm. It fades evenly. Hence looks like a stain after a few hours. The look of which i love. Especially during summers.  

Ooh and every pencil comes with a sharpener!! Added bonus.

Price:  Givenchy waterproof lip liner pencil with sharpener – MRP Rs. 1100/- 
(Rs. 550/- after discount)

HOT/NOT: Smokin' Hot! But repurchase only on discounts.  

*Any red lip tricks to share?*

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