MNG 'Your Jeans' Mango Eu De Toilette

MNG Your Jeans was launched by Mango in 2005.
Top/Head Notes: Green Leaves and Lemon.
Middle/Heart Notes: Spices and Cardomom.
Base Notes: Fruity notes and Vanilla.

MNG Your Jeans is the first perfume I bought for myself and since then I’m hooked. My friends literally identify me with this scent.
"This fragrance will always remind me of my 20’s for the rest of my life. I’m sure, down the years when I’m 47, with 2 grown up kids and a husband who’s too busy watching cricket to notice me. I’m in that phase of life when everything has come to a standstill and I feel like I’m losing myself. When I reach menopause… I shall reach into my secret treasure chest, dig out this perfume and take whiff.
It’ll instantly transport me back to my carefree days of growing up, facing the world… taking it by the horns, every moment that built the foundation of the woman I am. And everything will be good with the world again!"   
[Enough with the melodrama already! I swear my emotional attachment to this fragrance shall not influence my take on this perfume. #whitelies]

Remember perfumes always sit differently on everyone. The scent fuses with the body chemistry and gives out a unique fragrance.
Main Accords: On intial application, it smells fruity, citrus. Say an hour later, after the citrusy notes evaporate, I start getting a whiff of the vanilla notes. After 2-3 hours, it settles in warm and spicy. As the day progresses, it gets more muskier and warmer on me.
I love the way this fragrance blends with my body chemistry.
I’ve heard a few females complain this only stays on them for 3 hrs max. But I’d like to point out Eu De Toilette versions aren’t meant to stay on forever.
For longer stay, please look for scents which are Eu De Parfum.
However, this does stay on me forever! A good 10 hours without re-applying!! And for an Eu De toilette, I think that’s exceptionally good.

I personally like the warm and spicy heart note of this perfume which smells better when it’s a little lived in. If re-applied within 3 hrs, the scent can get a tad bit over powering. Coz mind you, this isn’t your subtle, delicate, fresh as a daisy scent. This is pretty hard core.
This is ideally a summer day scent . But if you’re a rebel like me, let no one tell you what to wear and when!
If I wanna smell like your jeans all year…I goddamn shall and will! (pun intended)  
Fair Warning: If you are looking for a mature, classy scent… this isn’t for you.
I shall not recommend this for the mature ladies say >35 yrs of age.
All you sassy, care-a-damn, warm, seductive…but on a budget girlies, go get a whiff of it. NOW!
Price: 100ml – MRP Rs. 1950/-
Get it on Jabong.com for Rs.1067/-