Random Favourites - II

Beauty and Body Favourites:

1) Original Source Lime Body wash: I’ll be very honest here. I was sold at the packaging and the look of it. I really didn’t care how it fared. I mean it glows in the sun light!!! So coming back to the actual content of it, this isn’t my HG body wash for sure. However it is good for summers. Does not lather too much. Does not leave my skin oily or dry. It smells of lemons with a pinch of Dettol, maybe. I feel refreshed and squeaky clean after using this. I feel it helps to keep the body odour at bay. (Hey! Don’t judge me. That’s an essential for Kolkata’s humid pathetic summers!). And yes, just the scent is enough to refresh me whether it’s early in the morning or the end of a tired sticky day at work.

2)      Ponds BB cream: Finally a BB cream that works for me. Enough raved about it already. I’ll save the pain.

3)      Mango Your Jeans perfume: On my 3rd bottle.  (I should just stop here)
ALWAYS receive a compliment on this one. This has ME written all over it. It was made for ME, keeping ME in mind. I’m sure you get the drift.

4)      Care & Essentialz: I am loving their products. I have extremely sensitive skin. Their cotton balls and wet wipes are my HG products. They have the softest, lightest cotton there can be!! The wet wipes have such a refreshing and clean effect on me. The scent is not overwhelming and it does not leave a sticky feel afterwards. I purchase them from Spencers.

5)      Pastel polishes: I am obsessed with them this summer. Who isn’t right?

Left: Colorama Absinto; Right: Maybelline ColorShow Cotton Candy
6)      Nail polish wipes: These are oil based polish wipes. A single sheet is enough to wipe polish from all 10 fingers. However if it’s a deep colour, I prefer to use 2 sheets. It does not leave my nails dry. It’s real convenient to carry just in case of emergencies. Since it’s an oil based remover, it does not evaporate easily. However if the lid’s kept open for long, it does dry out. These smell lovely. The scents are respective to the pictures on the lid. Love the rose scent. It’s always cool to have your nails smell of roses after a nice cleanup.

That's all for now...
What are your current favourites?

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