Random Favourites

Stuff I’m currently obsessed with:

 `  1)    Bose headphones: Trust me. Invest in one today and your phone, mp3 player, laptop… goddamn anything will sound awesome! And you will not touch any other headphs…Ever. I even use these with my IPod. Yes the Apple headphones are great too. But you see the silicone earplugs on these? I can wear them ALL day…unlike the apple ones (Not that you should. Wear them all day ie…unless you want a hearing aid for the rest of your life).
·         Wired In-ear-canalphone Design
·         1.15m Cable Length
·         Model ID – IE2
·         Price – Rs.6,638/-

    2) Nokia Mix Radio: This one’s for all the music lovers with Nokia Lumia. I am sooo in love with this app. I can download a Mix offline and just keep listening to random songs without having to choose a playlist or searching through my player. My best companion during bus rides, while killing time, when I’m dressing up, taking a bath or when I wanna calm my nerves. Yes music is the answer to everything. I wish I had a personalized background score for my various moods in real life… like in the movies…oooh that would be so cool.

   3) Nescafe Vanilla Latte:You know there are certain things in life that are just meant to be? Vanilla and Coffee…yes they're soulmates! Love it! It’s creamy, it feels rich, luxurious…just heavenly. I usually have my coffee with milk and no sugar. But on those special days when I feel like treating myself, I brew me some mean coffee with a teaspoon full sugar and half a sachet of Vanilla Latte. I don’t just add water to the Vanilla latte powder like it says on the carton (the rebel that I am).  I don’t like my coffee too thin or watery. It’s gotta be all milk for me baby.  So I use this just for the flavor and that extra creaminess. Hot or Cold…it’s just YUM!
      5sachets X 15gm= 75gm
      Price- Rs.75/-  
   4) Jazz: Frank Sinatra. Been listening to the oldies quite a bit. "I've got you under my skin" on repeat! 

                                                                                                              Play this in the background!

   5) Zoomin.com: Gifted mom a canvas print photo frame on Mother’s Day. Loved it. Been ordering some  prints to frame in my room.  

   6) TV shows: The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Obsessed!