The Body Shop Haul

This is the first time I went all out and treated myself to a TBS Haul.  I have used the Vitamin E Day cream before. In spite of the raves, it did not impress me too much. I found it was too oily for me during daytime. I used it up during winters as a night cream. I have combinational skin type (face)…most of the time. During winters it is quite dry. To make things worse, I have super sensitive skin. I get rashes due to anything and everything. I want my day time moisturizer to be gentle with minimum chemicals and do it’s work i.e. moisturize  without making me an oily mess.  (Not really an ‘au natural product’ person; anything that does not irritate my skin shall do. )

I searched online and came across some good reviews about the The Body Shop’s ‘Aloe’ range. It sounded interesting and I was in a mood to splurge!  ;)
These are what I bought:
1)        Aloe Soothing Day Cream for Sensitive skin   (50ml ; MRP: Rs.995/- ; After Discount: Rs.746/- ; 25%OFF)
2)       Aloe Calming Toner for Sensitive Skin  ( 200ml ; MRP: Rs.795/- ; After Discount: Rs.596/- ; 25%OFF)
3)       Vitamin E Eye Cream  (15ml ; MRP: Rs.995/- After Discount: Rs.746/- ; 25%OFF)
       4)      Vanilla Bliss Lip Balm [Holiday Edition]   (6gm ; MRP: Rs.400/- After Discount: Rs.200/- ; 50%OFF)
       5)    Blueberry Body Butter [Special Edition]   (200ml ; MRP: Rs.1195/- ; After Discount: Rs.598/- ; 50%OFF)
      6)      Rainforest Balance Conditioner (250ml ; MRP: Rs.795/- ; After Discount: Rs.398/- ; 50%OFF) 
 I wanted to get the combo Facewash-toner-cream all from the Aloe range. But didn’t find any amiable reviews on the face wash so skipped that.

The Body Shop - Aloe Soothing Day Cream

The Body Shop - Aloe Soothing Day Cream
The Body Shop - Aloe Soothing Day Cream

It’s been almost a month since I’ve been using the toner, day cream and the eye cream religiously. So far so good. My skin is noticeably behaving better. Won’t claim using this has stopped the acne or my rashes but it’s MUCH better. I can see the difference in my skin. More healthy. More moisturized.
After I’ve cleansed my face with my face wash, after drying I then  apply the Aloe Calming Toner with a cotton pad. It takes some time to judge the amount to be applied. Too much makes the face a bit oily. 3-4 drops work good for me (It’ll last forever!!). I let it dry a while…like for a min. Then apply the Aloe Soothing Day Cream. Again little goes a long way. It feels oily right after applying, but after a min or so it soaks in giving a healthy look.
The Body Shop Haul
During Day time I usually wait a min to let the cream soak in, then apply my BB cream.
During nights, I use the Aloe day cream (maybe a few dots more) and then the Vitamin E eye cream. Dot the eye cream around my eye sockets and massage it gently with my finger.
The Body Shop - Vitamin E Eye Cream
Frankly haven’t figured out whether the eye cream is working wonders or not. I have always had terrible under eye dark circles and eye bags.  But a month back I discovered a few fine lines along my eyes, which freaked me out. So I splurged at this best selling eye cream.
The Body Shop - Vitamin E Eye Cream
My dark circles are better. But that could be because my sleeping hours have become more regular and more importantly routine. I’ll probably write an updated post on the eye cream after better usage. 

The Body Shop - Vanilla Bliss Lip Balm

I bought the Vanilla Bliss Lip balm completely on a whim. And ‘thank the whims’ that I did!

The Body Shop - Vanilla Bliss Lip Balm
While checking this out in the shop, I swatched it on my wrist to check the scent (The sample had lipstick marks on it from previous use I presume. Ladies pls try the samples on something less private… coz it’s just gross for the next person!!). I quite liked it and the packaging was too adorable plus it was on flat 50% discount . So ofcourse I grabbed it! Half an hour later, while sipping on my hot chocolate, I suddenly realized the shimmers on my wrist and a slight vanilla scent still lingering. Ohh the joy!! My lip balm smells of vanilla and has shimmers in it!!
With Flash

The initial scent is a little artificial toffee-ish but it settles in well. It’s quite moisturizing without being sticky and it keeps my lips moisturized a good 3-4 hrs. Even after that it does not leave my lips dry.
Coming to the shimmers, no it’s not very noticeable or chunky on the lips. It’s just transparent balm with fine shimmers which slightly reflects light a tad bit making the lips look shiny and healthy and Oh-so-Pretty!    

The Body Shop -Vanilla Bliss Lip Balm
Me saving the Blueberry Body Butter for Winter. Smells AH-MAH-ZING. Very fruity, true blueberry scent. Am just a 'sane' breath away from licking it!!
Need to buy the Rainforest Balance Shampoo first, to go with the conditioner. Shall post on these later once used.

*Did you go crazy on The Body Shop Sale too? What are your favs?*