Lotus Herbals Color Dew Nail Enamel - Fuschia Drop

Hello you!
Last few months I kinda developed an aversion towards pink nail polish. Not pink mind you…but pink nails. Yesterday while cleaning up my stash, I came across this. It’s been, I think, almost 1 and a half years that I bought this paint. (During a phase when all I could wear was pink and the color Fuschia was all over the place…remember?? ) 

Product: Lotus Herbals Color Dew Nail Enamel - Fuschia Drop
Price: Rs.110/- (8ml)
Claim:  Natural and Safe;  Acetone, DBP and Toluene free;  Fast drying; Flat and sturdy brush

I was very surprised that the polish hadn’t dried off first thing. Not even mucky. You know how polishes turn a bit thick and gooey after a while. Not this one. The formulation may have turned a tad bit thicker in so many months. But I’ll admit I’m not too sure since this is the only Lotus Herbals polish I own. I wonder why though, there are quite a few shades I loved…peach perfect, a nude one….ooh the lavender one!!
Lotus Herbals Color Dew Nail Enamel - Fuschia Drop
So I finally felt like going for a bright pink and yes, it managed to woo me all over again. I love how long the applicator is! It just makes everything so much easier. It glides on beautifully. No streaks or bumps.
The first layer itself is opaque enough. A second coat however is required for a flawless finish.
The first coat dries in 5 mins which is considerably ok. However the second coat or a thicker coat takes quite a while to dry off completely. 
I, ofcourse, managed to overdo a layer or two and get a few bubbles ... but that’s typical me and I completely take the blame for my miserable application skills.

 I haven’t applied any base coat or top coat. See how the polish is so glossy on its own? LOVE.
Fuschia Drop - 2nd day; without base and top coat
 BUT it started chipping a bit on the tips... the next day itself :(  So that is ofcourse a major CON. But a good top coat over it should manage that issue to a certain extent.

HIT/MISS: HIT!! I need to buy that peach one and the lavender one!
 * What are your budget friendly Nail Paint faves that you think I must buy?? *