Perfectly Nude! Polish of the month...

This will be a quick post. Here's a nail colour I'm loving a lot recently. I've been looking for a perfect nude and I think I've just found it! It's really difficult to find "your nude" if you know what i mean. if it's too light, it looks ashy or dead and if it's too dark, well... it only looks brown.
 Many girls i know, don't like to wear nude on their nails. But I think it makes your hand look more neat (?!?) if that makes sense and Oh-so- Classy. 
 It just goes with everything! Office, party or just a day out. It wont clash with anything you wear.

Nude Polish

I got this polish from New U. It's the shade 12- Burnt Siena
Price: Around Rs.50/- (5ml)

Nude Polish- New U

The polish goes on smooth. It's almost opaque in 2 coats. But i prefer 3. The polish is not too runny neither too thick. it's quite easy to work with. However takes some time to dry completely.  I donot have a top coat on the the Polish in these pictures. It's been almost 6 months that i bought the polish but the consistency or the formulation hasn't changed, unlike my Lakme polishes.

Downside: The availability is an issue. If you guys know where to find New U polishes online or in Kolkata, please lemme know in the comments below....pretty please.

*Do u like Nude polishes? If yes, which one?*



Hey there guys…..

Chuck the intros. Simply putting it.. loved the bag. LOVED it! This month’s bag has a product for makeup, skincare, haircare and fragrance. I mean WHAT! There isn’t one product I’d rather not have. Loved them all!
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So getting on with it...
The Gold festive November FAB BAG
FAB BAG November Products

1)        City Color Cheek Stain in Mauve
OK… So the colour isn’t Mauve. Nope it’s a true coral shade with beautiful shimmers in it. Can be used as a blush cum highlighter. Perfect for those who’re into fuss free makeup. The texture is just Oh-So-Creamy. Blends in bea-uu-tifully. Is sheer and has a Satin finish. Can be built up which I love.  Although this fades pretty soon, it leaves a nice glow on the cheek. Perfect for amateurs in makeup like me! You can’t go overboard with this.

City Color Cheek Stain in Mauve

City Color Cheek Stain in Mauve

I love that it has a small cap under the main one. However the twist mechanism is a bit flimsy. But I’m gonna let that go. J

City Color Cheek Stain in Mauve- Swatch

HOT/NOT:  Thumbs up! Newbies to makeup…go get one.

2)       KAMA Ayurveda Intensive Hair Treatment Bringadi Oil
Another Indian Au Natural Brand which is already a major favorite amongst many. I, however, have never used a product from this line before. But I’ve heard and read some real good reviews about this oil in particular. Apparently one of the best selling product of KAMA Ayurveda.  
This was separately wrapped to avoid leakage. (Attention to details guys. Good work Fab Bag! )
Haven’t tried this out yet. 2 usage out of this 10ml sample bottle I’d say. *Keeping my fingers crossed. Please work on my hairfall issues*

KAMA Ayurveda Intensive Hair Treatment Bringadi Oil

KAMA Ayurveda Intensive Hair Treatment Bringadi Oil

3)       Votre Biocosmetics  Mangifera Hand and Foot Gel Crème
Claims to have an SPF-35 on the Fab Post (magazine), while the actual product says SPF-15. Anyhooo wearing a product with SPF is always better, in my opinion. Especially for those on the move.  It does have a gel like texture and I find the scent quite light and refreshing.  It blends real quick and gets absorbed in a sec!  It’s not oily or greasy at all. Very light, just like a Gel Texture’s supposed to be.
Since my skin gets super dry in winters, this shall not do at all. BUT I think I’m gonna love this during the warm weathers. The packaging is NOT travel friendly or completely leak proof. I always prefer my travel creams in a tube. But nonetheless I shall keep this in my storage bag. (Yes, I have one. I might just write a post about it.)

Votre Biocosmetics  Mangifera Hand and Foot Gel Crème

Votre Biocosmetics  Mangifera Hand and Foot Gel Crème

HOT/NOT: I think I’ll like this one in warm weather. Love the scent.

4)       WELLA Proffessionals ENRICH
It says, a Moisturizing Treatment for dry and damaged hair. I love Wella. I’ve been  using Wella treatments for my hair spas, for over 6 mnths now… and loving it. So this goes in my travel kit. I think it’ll give me 2 … no 3 (if I use It miserly) usage. *I’d say 2 and a half really*

WELLA Proffessionals ENRICH

WELLA Proffessionals ENRICH

5)       Gulnar Mint Lemongrass
I love mint. I love lemongrass. I adore handmade soaps. Period.

Gulnar Mint Lemongrass

6)       All Good Scents Love & Joy
Such a cute 1 ml sample.  A li’l detail on the fragrance first:
Top note: Freesia, Peony, Litchi
Heart Notes: Rose, Lily Of The Valley, Magnolia
Base Notes: White Musk, Amber, Powdery Notes
This  is a straight up sweet smelling scent. I usually don’t like sweet scents. So the first 10 seconds of this was like, “It smells Ok. Not too bad. Nothing to get too excited about. But after it soaks in a bit, it transforms into this floral yet musky scent which I loved! A perfect day scent. Just when I thought it “could” replace my current fave (My jeans- Mango. Review HERE) , after 10 mins or so,  it settled into something so sweet that my teeth hurt.  *if you know what I mean *
  You’ll like this scent if you like real sweet scents. *I have it on my wrist now. Been an hour . It has a very light Ittar kinda scent , aftetr it settles down*
PS:  Every scent is different and unique on every skin. So ALWAYS try a perfume on yourself before buying. 

All Good Scents Love & Joy
HOT/NOT: NOT for me.

So that's all the products this month. Totally worth the money.

*So what'd u receive in your FAB Bag? Which amongst the above products do you like the best?  * 


BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour - Blue Velvet

Hey there guys... i wanted to talk about the new product out in the market. For those of you who donot dare to colour their hair permanently or are too fickle minded like me, here goes:  

It claims:
Colour on your own terms. A cool new way to colour hair without having to commit permanently. Spray on to add a dramatic splash of colour to your day! Simply shampoo to wash off colour.
Specially created for Indian hair.

Shake can well before use. Apply to dry styled hair. Isolate the section you want to colour. Hold can six inches away from the hair and spray evenly on the desired area. Leave to dry. Brush out excess if required. Wear protective gear to prevent colour from staining hands & clothes.


Comes in the colours: Blue Velvet, Bronze, Emerald Green and Copper 

I was very excited to see an indian brand come up with temporary hair colour in a spray can…”specially created for indian hair”. By that I assume for dark hair. Since no colour tends to look prominent on dark hair for obvious reasons. But I shudder at the thought of chemically treating my hair… this was like a granted wish. Again love the concept about ‘One night Stand’ , temporary colour… for females like me whose choices swing as per her moods.

BBlunt Temporary Hair Colour

Like the instruction suggests, I draped a towel to avoid any mess. I sectioned out the strand i wanted and put up the rest of my hair in a bun. 

I was so pleasantly surprised that the colour showed right from the first spray. A nice metallic sheen of blue which I loved! But I had to spray a couple of times for an opaque finish.

I managed to turn both my palms blue. But no worries, it washed away immediately when put under water.  It took say 5-7 mins to completely dry.
The product did not burn my eyes or irritate my skin. The scent is a little pungent but nothing repelling. 
The coloured strand turns a little stiff. But I brushed it slightly with a wide toothed comb, once dry, so it mixes along with the rest of the hair.

I was half expecting the colour to smudge all over my top and hand. But No! it did not transfer!! Maybe a little when rubbed a little harshly. But does not transfer on clothes. Although I’d suggest not to wear whites. Why stretch your luck right?

I had sprayed this say in the evening. The next day morning I woke up with a faded blue streak. Not entirely gone but not too prominent either. And it was almost all gone away by noon. The colour literally washes away in even plain water.
Well can’t complain…’coz it was just a One Night Stand… but I’m surely coming back for more ;)

To buy one yourself you can check out the link.

A Big Thumbs up!


Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 13 – Definite Must Have!!

I knew I had to have atleast one of these the minute I set my eyes on them… online. The month this released was my busiest month ever! Workwise or otherwise. Sadly, I did not have the time to check out the shades first hand. I surfed on the net regarding the product and trusting the swatches I saw, decided on playing it safe. I ordered Glam 13. 

Maybelline lip polish Glam 13

Maybelline lip polish Glam 13

After I received the product I was very skeptical as to how the shade would be. Since it looked pretty darn dark in the tube.  But don’t be fooled… go ahead, open up the silver cap to reveal the most adorable doe foot applicator ever!

It’s leaf shaped, inclined and soft. The broad base with narrow tip (hence leaf like shape) is perfect to apply. The broad base covers the surface of the lip meanwhile the narrow tip makes sure you are not way over the edge. Also the applicator is soft enough and does not irritate the lips.

Maybelline lip polish Glam 13 Swatch

GLAM 13 is a perfect nude on me. The shade is an earthy mix of brown and pink. The pink in this is very muted which I love. One of those shades you can wear every day and with practically everything without giving a second thought.

Maybelline lip polish Glam 13 Swatch

I’m not really a gloss person. But this is quite opaque even though it has a gloss kinda texture…only thicker. One application gives a smooth hydrated glossy finish with a tad bit color. 2nd Application provides a gorgeous, almost opaque glossy finish. It’s very moisturizing even after the color wears off… which lasted almost 3-4 hrs on me. For a gloss, the weartime is amazing. Even after 4 hours my lips did not feel dry at all. And I have super dry and chapped lips if not taken care of.  However if over applied, ie 3-4 coats, it gets tacky on the lips. But that’s natural given the texture.

The color WILL suit all skin tones.

Maybelline lip polish Glam 13 Swatch ; After 2 hrs, under yellow light

Price: Rs.450/-

Hot/Not: A gorgeous product. A MUST HAVE shade for all.