BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour - Blue Velvet

Hey there guys... i wanted to talk about the new product out in the market. For those of you who donot dare to colour their hair permanently or are too fickle minded like me, here goes:  

It claims:
Colour on your own terms. A cool new way to colour hair without having to commit permanently. Spray on to add a dramatic splash of colour to your day! Simply shampoo to wash off colour.
Specially created for Indian hair.

Shake can well before use. Apply to dry styled hair. Isolate the section you want to colour. Hold can six inches away from the hair and spray evenly on the desired area. Leave to dry. Brush out excess if required. Wear protective gear to prevent colour from staining hands & clothes.


Comes in the colours: Blue Velvet, Bronze, Emerald Green and Copper 

I was very excited to see an indian brand come up with temporary hair colour in a spray can…”specially created for indian hair”. By that I assume for dark hair. Since no colour tends to look prominent on dark hair for obvious reasons. But I shudder at the thought of chemically treating my hair… this was like a granted wish. Again love the concept about ‘One night Stand’ , temporary colour… for females like me whose choices swing as per her moods.

BBlunt Temporary Hair Colour

Like the instruction suggests, I draped a towel to avoid any mess. I sectioned out the strand i wanted and put up the rest of my hair in a bun. 

I was so pleasantly surprised that the colour showed right from the first spray. A nice metallic sheen of blue which I loved! But I had to spray a couple of times for an opaque finish.

I managed to turn both my palms blue. But no worries, it washed away immediately when put under water.  It took say 5-7 mins to completely dry.
The product did not burn my eyes or irritate my skin. The scent is a little pungent but nothing repelling. 
The coloured strand turns a little stiff. But I brushed it slightly with a wide toothed comb, once dry, so it mixes along with the rest of the hair.

I was half expecting the colour to smudge all over my top and hand. But No! it did not transfer!! Maybe a little when rubbed a little harshly. But does not transfer on clothes. Although I’d suggest not to wear whites. Why stretch your luck right?

I had sprayed this say in the evening. The next day morning I woke up with a faded blue streak. Not entirely gone but not too prominent either. And it was almost all gone away by noon. The colour literally washes away in even plain water.
Well can’t complain…’coz it was just a One Night Stand… but I’m surely coming back for more ;)

To buy one yourself you can check out the link.

A Big Thumbs up!