Perfectly Nude! Polish of the month...

This will be a quick post. Here's a nail colour I'm loving a lot recently. I've been looking for a perfect nude and I think I've just found it! It's really difficult to find "your nude" if you know what i mean. if it's too light, it looks ashy or dead and if it's too dark, well... it only looks brown.
 Many girls i know, don't like to wear nude on their nails. But I think it makes your hand look more neat (?!?) if that makes sense and Oh-so- Classy. 
 It just goes with everything! Office, party or just a day out. It wont clash with anything you wear.

Nude Polish

I got this polish from New U. It's the shade 12- Burnt Siena
Price: Around Rs.50/- (5ml)

Nude Polish- New U

The polish goes on smooth. It's almost opaque in 2 coats. But i prefer 3. The polish is not too runny neither too thick. it's quite easy to work with. However takes some time to dry completely.  I donot have a top coat on the the Polish in these pictures. It's been almost 6 months that i bought the polish but the consistency or the formulation hasn't changed, unlike my Lakme polishes.

Downside: The availability is an issue. If you guys know where to find New U polishes online or in Kolkata, please lemme know in the comments below....pretty please.

*Do u like Nude polishes? If yes, which one?*