Hooded eye lids? SO what?!?

World is a prejudiced place. No matter how modern one becomes or how broad minded. Doesn’t matter which part of the world you stay in. Tall is always considered better. Slim… sexier, Fair… more beautiful.

And this badly placed prejudice affects so many people intentionally/ unintentionally... that it's just sad.
I’ve heard so many of my friends and family complain about having small and/or hooded eyes. How they think it’s their worst feature. How it spoils their entire face and that they can’t do a dime about it.
First of all, small eyes or hooded eyes are nothing to be sad about. It’s just a type of an eye shape that majority chunk of people in the world have.

One needs to accept that before anything else. Make up is not a technique to hide your so-called- imperfections but a way of enhancing your beauty. Bringing out your features in the best possible ways…And to have fun!
However it’s very important to realize that all current trends may NOT work for u. 

Yes, we, the hooded eyed ladies, do get restrained a bit while experimenting with the eyes.

If you are still confused whether you do/do not have hooded lids..here goes…
  • You spent an hour perfecting that eye makeup, blending blending blending all those pretty shades. You even got those Cat-eyes done perfectly. When your finally done, you stare at yourself straight at the mirror and realize your eye make up is just not showing, baring a tad bit of the liner. The beautiful gradient of the eye shadow hides beneath that fold of skin.

  •  You are completely lost when someone asks you to find your crease?

  •  You look at the beauty gurus on youtube painting away their eyes like it’s a goddamn canvas. While you look into the mirror and think “Where the hell do I do all that?!? There is no space!”

Yes. Welcome to the club.

So here are a few basic tips that should suit all kinds of hooded eyes.
  1.      Try Tightlining .Will not lie. It shall be an ordeal if it’s the first time for you. But once you get used to it, it makes a huge difference. Tightlining is applying kohl/liner on your UPPER waterline. What it does, is, it darkens the lashline making it more prominent while keeping the lid space.
  2. Concentrate on the lower lash line. Try thin or thick liners. See what suits you. Experiment with colored liners. While keeping your upper lid area clean.
  3. One at a time -If you wanna go dramatic, try not to go too heavy on both upper and lower lines together. Either concentrate on a prominent upper liner keeping the lower line clean or vice versa. Going heavy on both shall make your eyes seem even smaller and might give a goth look. Well that might go well with a few looks. But choose carefully, depending on what you are really going for.
  4. Get an eye lash curler NOW! Curl them and curl them good. Curled lashes ofcourse look flattering and will open up the eyes even more.
  5. Make Mascaras your best friend! Go heavy on the lashes. Make them as fluttery as possible.
  6. Use a Nude liner on the waterline. It will give the illusion of bigger eyes by extending the whites of the eye. A flesh toned liner can make you look fresh and less tired. A quick tip for those tired morning.Many use white colored liners on their waterlines. But I think it looks a bit too stark. A nude looks more natural and dainty like.
  7. Use matte eye shadows. If you wanna go festive try subtle shimmers. Avoid glitter at all cost. The glitter will catch the light which’ll reflect against the hooded eye lids, highlighting the part, making it seem even more hooded. And it’ll make the eyes droop even more. Is it making sense?
  8.  Keep it Simple. Use 1..max 2 colours to just wash over the lids. The more complex the eye shadow (read more gradient of colours), the smaller the eyes will look. The worst part, majority part of it won’t even show.
End of the day, experiment with yourself. Try figuring out what works for you the best. And more importantly love yourself. I'd suggest you look for famous ladies who have your eye shape and try to follow her makeup style.
Some such women with hooded/ small eyes - Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif, Taylor Swift, Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence....the list can go on.