StreetWear Ultra Moist Lipstick in Pink Persuasion

This has to be my best buy this year! There i said it... I’m not even gonna stall. 
These are perfect. It has an amazing range of shades to choose from. Pinks to orange to nudes to some berry and then some mauvy tones.

Street wear ultramoist in Pink Persuasion

Street wear ultramoist in Pink Persuasion

The finish is Semi Matte, but it applies on smooth. Does not dry my lips. 
*Big thumbs up for that*

However it sure does transfer (My coffee mugs shall vouch for that).

Street wear ultramoist in Pink Persuasion

Street wear ultramoist in Pink Persuasion

Pink Persuasion is a bright reddish pink colour with a tinge of coral in it.
 But it transfers a true pink on my lips. There's no coral tinge to it. Only in artificial lights, when applied heavily, does it show a little reddish/neonish.

Street wear ultramoist in Pink Persuasion swatch

 This particular shade looks very different under varied lights on my lips alone.
 It looks pretty coral on my friend's lips. So do try this shade yourself first before buying. Or if you're like me then be a rebel and take a chance with this, 'cause trust me this shade'll look pretty anyhow.

It can be built up to varied degrees. I dab on just a little with a gloss and it’s a perfect everyday dainty pink.

 2-3 swipes can make it a full blown bold pink.

Street wear ultramoist in Pink Persuasion swatch

The shade is a very fresh young colour that’ll brighten up a face any season.
This lippie stays on for 3-3.5 hours, which is fine by me. (Did i hear someone say "Low expectations "?)
Well the best of the lippies last for 3-3.5 hrs on me max! Even the matte ones start fading in the most unflattering way. You know how all the colour on the centre of your lips fade away leaving just an outline. Hate it! I prefer that the entire colour fades off evenly, even though quickly, rather than the outline horror. 
To top it, I have extremely dry lips which are always chapped! Hence matte lipsticks and I… let’s just say, we’re not the best of friends.
But this one.. this darling gives my lips the moisture required while giving the illusion of a matte lip. LOVE!

StreetWear UltraMoist in Pink Persuasion Swatch

I found this Pic of mine where i wore this colour. It looks pretty neutral on me in the morning light.

StreetWear UltraMoist in Pink Persuasion Swatch FOTD

And Oh! These smell like Vanilla. Sighhh!
The packaging is real cute. No doubt about that. However it is also very flimsy. The twist is pathetic and the fact that the bullet does not twist inside the tube completely is irksome.  But I can totally ignore that for the quality I’m getting especially for the price.

Price- Rs.180/-


A definite must have. There’s a colour for everyone. It’ll be a shame if you miss out on this range.

*You have a great day and keep smiling*