Neutrogena Brightening Serum

Neutrogena Brightening Serum
Product Claims:
A brightening and lightening serum that you always wanted, presenting Neutrogena Fine Fairness Serum.
This wonder serum absorbs easily into your skin and refines your skin texture. Infused with Neutrogena Healthy White Complex which is known to inhibit the production of melanin, the serum gives your skin a healthy and radiant glow. Over regular use you get visibly improved skin tone and texture.


Evens our skin tone
Alcohol free and oil free
Lightens and brightens skin tone
Dermatologically tested
Wont clog pores
Absorbs quickly into the skin
Pleasant fragrance

Price: Rs.699/-
Neutrogena Brightening Serum

Neutrogena Brightening Serum

I’ve had my eyes on this for quite some time now. Heard some great reviews and couldn’t wait to try it myself.
The first thing I noticed was the packaging.
I think it’s very classy and has that luxurious feel t o it. A  sturdy ground glass bottle with a pump and a transparent cap which fits in tightly. 

Neutrogena Brightening Serum

Neutrogena Brightening Serum

The pump has a lock-unlock twist technique, which is great since it keeps the product airtight and prevents it from oxidizing.

It is quite compact and not very bulky even though the bottle is made out of ground glass. It might not be travel friendly. Although, I wouldn’t mind carrying it if I’m going somewhere overnight. The bottle won't really break unless you drop it or throw it with force. Like really hard.  Also since it twists into a lock mode, it shouldn’t leak.

Neutrogena Brightening Serum

The texture of the serum is very light.  Pale yellow in color.
I require 2 pumps for my face and neck. On applying, it soaks in the skin immediately. Not oily at all. Gives a matte effect. Some have felt a tingly sensation on applying this, but I did not.
I prefer not massaging it on my face. I like to apply this with a light hand and spread it evenly.

It has a very light and pleasant fragrance as claimed. However it immediately wears off on applying.

Neutrogena Brightening Serum

The sales assistant at the store told me this serum alone should be enough and no other moisturizer is needed.
However after 10 mins of applying the serum, my  face feels the need to be moisturized. BTW I have combinational skin type.

I do require my regular moisturizer now, during cooler weather but I think this serum will be enough for the summers.  However this may be quite drying for those with already dry skin. So make sure you moisturize well after applying this.

I am really liking the serum. Please keep in mind,  this is NOT a fairness serum. This claims to "even" the skintone. Which I think it does. I can already feel the difference. I have ultra sensitive skin but this did not break me out.

I anyways wanted a serum for my routine since they do a better job seeping in the skin and keeping it moisturized. Also the retinol content in this was another reason I wanted to try this. This does not claim to be an anti-aging cream. But retinol is known to lighten tones and control the fine lines.  I can already see the even-ing of the skin tone. Clears fine lines or not is yet to be seen….

HOT/NOT: Really liking it. Shall definitely repurchase this.


The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Cream Body Scrub Review

Product Description:This gently exfoliating body scrub smells like freshly picked peaches. It lifts away dead skin cells and leaves skin peachy soft.
 Lifts away dead skin cells.
Stimulates skin surface microcirculation.
Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother.
Delicate peach scent.
 Price:         Rs.1095/-

OK! So I’m obsessed with The Body Shop lately. But with the sales going on… I couldn’t help myself going a little overboard. But you knowwhat? I don’t regret it. Atleast not this buy for sure. Saw this on 50% sale. So ofcourse I had to get it. Because I needed one. Really.

I was sold the minute I smelt this. I’m usually not a fan of fruity smells. I’m probably the only person who doesn't like the strawberry range of  The Body Shop. I find it sickeningly sweet. I’m more of a nutty and vanilla fan generally. (But I don't like the vanilla range of TBS even. It’s too artificial. Am I the only one who thinks so? Pls comment)

But this one smells truly like peaches! It’s not that artificial and not too sweet. It’s light, fresh and ah-mah-zing! I feel like having a bath with it everytime I take a whiff of it.

The texture is creamy and contains peach seed powder, coconut shell powder and transparent salts as exfoliaters. The scrub does not lather. It has just the right amount of creamy yet that gritty texture. Not too rough to be abrasive nor too soft to not get any work done. The exfoliators do not dissolve when mixed with water. Which I like. 
It's not too difficult to wash off.

It leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and very moisturized.
Because of the creamy texture, it does not dry the skin. It is great for winters, however I don’t think it’ll be suitable for summers.

I use it once a week or once in 10 days.

The fragrance does not stay long after the bath. I wanted to get the Peach Body Butter along just to prolong the scent. But it wasn't on sale. Also I have a brand new Body Butter yet to finish.

If you haven’t already, go take a sniff at it…NOW. If you like the smell, I highly recommend this scrub.

HOT/NOT:  HOT! Would love to try other variants but only on sale.


Maybelline HyperSharp Liner

Maybelline HyperSharp Liner


Maybelline Hyper Sharp liner

0.05 mm line for ultimate precision and most intense colour
Waterproof and smudge-proof
Easy removal with soap and water

Price: Rs.425

Maybelline HyperSharp Liner
I confess, I am obsessed with Maybelline.  If, for whatsoever reason, I’m asked to use just 1 brand, forever,it would hands down be Maybelline. My favorite eye liner still remains Maybelline Eye Studio Gel liner. BUT this comes pretty close…like REAL close.

Maybelline HyperSharp Liner

I was looking for a good felt tip liner since applying gel liner with a brush can be a little time consuming especiallywhen you have 5 mins flat to get ready for work. And let’s face it, I’m ALWAYS late in the morning.
I was hooked to this liner right from the first application.Firstly the tip of this liner is not felt tip/ foam tip. It‘s a brush tip. Itis so tightly wound and stiff that unless you look very closely, you might not even notice.
The tip is really pointed and thin; 0.05mm to be precise, which helps to get the finest of lines possible. But if you want a thicker line it may take some time since you will have to slowly build it up.

The colour payoff may not be the blackest out there. So a 2nd application over, is definitely required.
I personally donot like glossy liners. But this I think is the perfect balance. It’s not matte but not too glossy either.

If you have not read my previous posts, let me tell you, I have the oiliest eye lids ever possible. To top it off, I have hooded lids. (Read here to know more about Hooded Lids) None of the eye liners stay on my lids for long. Even worse, it starts to smudge on the lids since the folded skin rubs over it.

Maybelline HyperSharp Liner - Eye Swatch [With Flash]
But this baby stays on my lids for 5-6 hours straight during summer and 7-8 hours during winters without fading. It’ll fade only if the eyes are rubbed too harshly. Does not flake away.

This stays on my lids much long than Eye Studio Gel Liner!

Maybelline HyperSharp Liner - Eye Swatch

It hardly takes any time to dry. It really is smudge proof and sweat proof!!
It’s not even a pain to remove at all. A splash of water on the face will not budge this. But if you lightly rub it with water, it’ll melt right off!

I’ve been using this for over a year now and it hasn’t dried nor has the tip damaged.

HOT/NOTA dream come true. A must buy!


New U Glitterati in Sapphire Crush

I am totally digging the frosted glittery textured nail paint trend since months now. I think I've found a dupe for the Maybelline's Glitter Mania range - Bling on the Blue.

It's the brand NEW U, Glitterati range.
Price- Rs.75/-

The texture, look, stay is exactly like the Maybelline's..only cheaper. So yeahh!!

NewU Glitterati - Sapphire Crush NOTD

NewU Glitterati - Sapphire Crush NOTD

NewU Glitterati - Sapphire Crush

NewU Glitterati - Sapphire Crush NOTD

NewU Glitterati - Sapphire Crush NOTD


Maybelline Colorshow Eye liner in Shiny Beige

Maybelline Colorshow in Shiny Beige

Having hooded lids, I usually don't do dramatic eyes. I like to keep it simple and fresh
 A little background on hooded eyes {Basic Tips and tricks}...

·        This means a fold of skin overlaps over the eye lid.
·        The eye lid space is very small or in many cases almost negligible.
·        So any eye shadow or heavy liners do not really show when one looks straight up.

Since there isn’t any real eye lid space or a very defined crease line, it takes some strategy to do a pro eye makeup on hooded lids. Since I’m obviously not a pro and into quick do and run kinda girl…I like to keep things simple.

Now a fine trick for those with small eyes or really just anyone who want to look fresh and wide awake is using a white or a flesh toned liner on the waterline.

I was using the Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Nude until I got my hands on this pretty thing! 

Maybelline Colorshow in Shiny Beige

The shade!! Can we just take a moment here? An OMG moment. I don’t think any other brand has come up with this kinda shade. Kudos to Maybelline for the color show range. In LOVE!

It is a pink champagne color. Yes u guessed it right. If you have the Pink Champagne nail polish from Maybelline color show glitter mania, think of the same shade in an eye pencil form. Only it’s shimmer rather than glitter.
It comes in a retractable pencil form. Thumbs up for that!

Maybelline Colorshow in Shiny Beige

It applies pretty smoothly and the colour shows in 2-3 swipes.Pretty impressed considering it’s such a light shade. Can be built up. Does not tug at my eyes.

It could be used on the eye lid as a shadow base or plain shadow by itself.
But I love using it on my waterline and inner corners. It catches the light beautifully and immediately lifts and brightens the eyes. 
If you look tired? Haven’t had enough sleep? Hence red eyes? Shiny beige is the answer!

Maybelline Colorshow in Shiny Beige Swatch

I have quite sensitive eyes but this did not irritate me at all.
I’ll save the best for the last. The staying power of this pencil blew my mind. No it didn’t just blow my mind, it blasted my mind! (Any Russel Peters’ fan in the house? )

Maybelline Colorshow in Shiny Beige Swatch
Since the shade is so light I really didn’t expect it to last for more than an hour or max 2 hrs.I have extremely watery eyes and THE MOST oily eye lids ever!!

 I applied it for a day out and after 6 hours, I could still see traces of it. It was still there! Albeit not as prominent but noticeably there.

If your eyelids are normal or dry, I think it’ll last like forever!

Price: Rs.325/-

HOT/NOT: You wanna take a guess? :D