Neutrogena Brightening Serum

Neutrogena Brightening Serum
Product Claims:
A brightening and lightening serum that you always wanted, presenting Neutrogena Fine Fairness Serum.
This wonder serum absorbs easily into your skin and refines your skin texture. Infused with Neutrogena Healthy White Complex which is known to inhibit the production of melanin, the serum gives your skin a healthy and radiant glow. Over regular use you get visibly improved skin tone and texture.


Evens our skin tone
Alcohol free and oil free
Lightens and brightens skin tone
Dermatologically tested
Wont clog pores
Absorbs quickly into the skin
Pleasant fragrance

Price: Rs.699/-
Neutrogena Brightening Serum

Neutrogena Brightening Serum

I’ve had my eyes on this for quite some time now. Heard some great reviews and couldn’t wait to try it myself.
The first thing I noticed was the packaging.
I think it’s very classy and has that luxurious feel t o it. A  sturdy ground glass bottle with a pump and a transparent cap which fits in tightly. 

Neutrogena Brightening Serum

Neutrogena Brightening Serum

The pump has a lock-unlock twist technique, which is great since it keeps the product airtight and prevents it from oxidizing.

It is quite compact and not very bulky even though the bottle is made out of ground glass. It might not be travel friendly. Although, I wouldn’t mind carrying it if I’m going somewhere overnight. The bottle won't really break unless you drop it or throw it with force. Like really hard.  Also since it twists into a lock mode, it shouldn’t leak.

Neutrogena Brightening Serum

The texture of the serum is very light.  Pale yellow in color.
I require 2 pumps for my face and neck. On applying, it soaks in the skin immediately. Not oily at all. Gives a matte effect. Some have felt a tingly sensation on applying this, but I did not.
I prefer not massaging it on my face. I like to apply this with a light hand and spread it evenly.

It has a very light and pleasant fragrance as claimed. However it immediately wears off on applying.

Neutrogena Brightening Serum

The sales assistant at the store told me this serum alone should be enough and no other moisturizer is needed.
However after 10 mins of applying the serum, my  face feels the need to be moisturized. BTW I have combinational skin type.

I do require my regular moisturizer now, during cooler weather but I think this serum will be enough for the summers.  However this may be quite drying for those with already dry skin. So make sure you moisturize well after applying this.

I am really liking the serum. Please keep in mind,  this is NOT a fairness serum. This claims to "even" the skintone. Which I think it does. I can already feel the difference. I have ultra sensitive skin but this did not break me out.

I anyways wanted a serum for my routine since they do a better job seeping in the skin and keeping it moisturized. Also the retinol content in this was another reason I wanted to try this. This does not claim to be an anti-aging cream. But retinol is known to lighten tones and control the fine lines.  I can already see the even-ing of the skin tone. Clears fine lines or not is yet to be seen….

HOT/NOT: Really liking it. Shall definitely repurchase this.