Maybelline Colorshow Eye liner in Shiny Beige

Maybelline Colorshow in Shiny Beige

Having hooded lids, I usually don't do dramatic eyes. I like to keep it simple and fresh
 A little background on hooded eyes {Basic Tips and tricks}...

·        This means a fold of skin overlaps over the eye lid.
·        The eye lid space is very small or in many cases almost negligible.
·        So any eye shadow or heavy liners do not really show when one looks straight up.

Since there isn’t any real eye lid space or a very defined crease line, it takes some strategy to do a pro eye makeup on hooded lids. Since I’m obviously not a pro and into quick do and run kinda girl…I like to keep things simple.

Now a fine trick for those with small eyes or really just anyone who want to look fresh and wide awake is using a white or a flesh toned liner on the waterline.

I was using the Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Nude until I got my hands on this pretty thing! 

Maybelline Colorshow in Shiny Beige

The shade!! Can we just take a moment here? An OMG moment. I don’t think any other brand has come up with this kinda shade. Kudos to Maybelline for the color show range. In LOVE!

It is a pink champagne color. Yes u guessed it right. If you have the Pink Champagne nail polish from Maybelline color show glitter mania, think of the same shade in an eye pencil form. Only it’s shimmer rather than glitter.
It comes in a retractable pencil form. Thumbs up for that!

Maybelline Colorshow in Shiny Beige

It applies pretty smoothly and the colour shows in 2-3 swipes.Pretty impressed considering it’s such a light shade. Can be built up. Does not tug at my eyes.

It could be used on the eye lid as a shadow base or plain shadow by itself.
But I love using it on my waterline and inner corners. It catches the light beautifully and immediately lifts and brightens the eyes. 
If you look tired? Haven’t had enough sleep? Hence red eyes? Shiny beige is the answer!

Maybelline Colorshow in Shiny Beige Swatch

I have quite sensitive eyes but this did not irritate me at all.
I’ll save the best for the last. The staying power of this pencil blew my mind. No it didn’t just blow my mind, it blasted my mind! (Any Russel Peters’ fan in the house? )

Maybelline Colorshow in Shiny Beige Swatch
Since the shade is so light I really didn’t expect it to last for more than an hour or max 2 hrs.I have extremely watery eyes and THE MOST oily eye lids ever!!

 I applied it for a day out and after 6 hours, I could still see traces of it. It was still there! Albeit not as prominent but noticeably there.

If your eyelids are normal or dry, I think it’ll last like forever!

Price: Rs.325/-

HOT/NOT: You wanna take a guess? :D