Rimmel Lipsticks - Lasting Finish Range

Hi there! Being a crazy obsessive Lipstick hoarder I wish I’d got my hands on the Rimmel lippies waaay back in college. I got introduced to the Rimmel brand way too late. Availabilty was ofcourse an issue. Anyone who loves to glam up and are on a budget…or not..need these in their life.

I’ll be talking about the Rimmel Lipsticks in my vanity, 2 of which are from Rimmel Lasting Finish range and 3 are from the Kate Moss Collection.

Price: Rs.250/- I KNOW!!

Rimmel Lipstick - Lasting Finish Range

   1. Independent (060) - Lasting Finish range         

A muted mauvy shade with frosty finish. 
There are no obvious shimmers in it. But the frostiness is quite prominent.

  The texture is creamy and does not tug at my lips at all. The colour shows in the first swipe itself. A few more applications are required for a perfect opaque finish.

This lippie alone stays on me for 3-4 hours with minimal eating. Not transfer proof though.

  I’m not a fan of frost finish lippies. Then why buy this you ask? I like to apply this on the centre of my lips over bright pink colours to give it a dimension and mute it a little. The frost catches the light beautifully.

Rimmel Lipstick - Independent 060

  2.        Undressed (240) - Lasting Finish range 

A brownish perfect nude. It almost gives that foundation nude look. The texture is very creamy (Creamier than Independent).  But it does not feather out. It does not dry out my lips. However after a while, it can settle in fine lines. The colour fades off evenly. This lippie alone stays on me for 3-4 hours without lip liner. Not transfer proof.
However this shade, by itself, washes me out. I wear a pink nude-ish lip liner first and then apply this over it. 

Rimmel Lipstick - Undressed 240

 3.    Lasting Finish by Kate Moss – 16 

A light Barbie pink shade. The texture is again very creamy, similar to Undressed. The texture being so creamy and the shade being so light, this lippie applies a little streaky. But it does not feather out and stays on me for 3-4 hours, with minimal eating. Not transfer proof. Even after a few hours the lips feel moisturized. This does settle in fine lines after a while. But that may be exaggerated due to my ultra drylips :/

Rimmel Lipstick Kate Moss - 16

4.  Lasting Finish by Kate Moss – 20

Oooh this shade!! *dreamy eyes*  This is my favourite shade ever! Possibly my favorite from my entire vanity. A true fuchsia. Just the right ratio of pink and purple, with cool undertones.
The colour payoff is just amazing. 1 swipe is all you need. 2 swipes and it’s flawlessly opaque. Not streaky. Does not feather out. Creamy enough. Stays on me for 4 hours (with minimal eating). Does not dry the lips.
Not transfer proof though.


Rimmel Lipstick Kate Moss - 20


5. Lasting Finish by Kate Moss – 107

A deep red, bordering on maroon…just a shade or two short. The colour is soo pretty. It’s a red which’ll look good on every skintone. I haven’t seen this shade anywhere here in India sadly. Rather haven't seen any of the Rimmel Lipsticks with red packaging. But I NEEDED this particular shade for my wedding so my cousin (Bless the darling) got me this from Canada. And thank god he found it.
The texture of this particular shade is not as creamy as the previous ones I mentioned. Rather it sets in a powdery matte finish. But it does not tug while applying. Does not feather. But it transfers. It stays on my lips for 4-5 hours, with minimal eating.
If you can get your hands on this one… GRAB IT!!

Rimmel Lipstick Kate Moss - 107

            So here are the swatches with better lighting...

Rimmel Lipstick swatches

Rimmel Lipstick swatches

HOT : LOVE these!! If you haven’t already, buy one of the Rimmel lipsticks right now. For the price you won’t get a better deal! I guarantee, you will not regret.

NOT : The textures are a bit confusing. 
The scent :( is too overpowering. It smells exactly like the Inglot lip refills. Thankfully the scent doesn't stay long. 


Marks&Spencer Nail and Hand Cream – Fig & Orange Oil

Marks and Spencer Hand and Nail cream in Fig & orange oil

So I finished So I finished using my Marks& Spencer Nail and Hand cream in Rose 
from the floral collection, which I loved! I had a tough time choosing just 1 product when I actually wanted them all. So once I finished my rose hand cream I obviously had to run back to get another one.

Marks and Spencer Hand and Nail cream in Fig & orange oil

The Rose Hand cream cost me Rs.199/- for 100ml which I thought was great. However this time I couldn’t find any 100ml tubes at the Marks and Spencer store, South City Mall. Only 50ml tubes were available which also cost Rs.199/- :\

I bought the variants - Fig & Orange Oil (Indulgence range) and Cocoa Butter (Pampering range).

Marks and Spencer Hand and Nail cream in Fig & orange oil

Marks and Spencer Hand and Nail cream in Fig & orange oil

I am especially loving the Fig & Orange oil. I don’t think I’ve smelt anything like this before. It is a very light and fresh scent which reminds me of winter nights in the mountains. 
I can prominently smell the fig but not much of orange oil.  Some might find it slightly artificial smelling but nothing too overpowering or irritating.

These hand creams are quite different from the previous Rose variant I used.

Rose was more moisturizing and creamier. Thicker consistency which took a while to soak into the skin. After applying, it left my hand well moisturized but also greasy.

Marks and Spencer Hand and Nail cream in Fig & orange oil Swatch

Now during office hours greasy hands are tiny bit of a problem especially since I’m always on my laptop and/or mobile. The texture of  Fig & Orange Oil variant is creamy but not very thick. It soaks in the skin quickly and completely vanishes… in a good way. It does not feel greasy at all meanwhile it leaves my hand moisturized. So yeah for that! 

Marks and Spencer Hand and Nail cream in Fig & orange oil Swatch

Works to my liking for days out. I obviously hate greasy hands while working or travelling.
 I always have this in my hand bag.  All . The. Time. I have extremely dry and itchy hands if not moisturized properly.

The only downside I think is because this handcream is so light, it needs to be applied frequently. However when home, I prefer to use something more moisturizing.

HOT/NOT:  Love the fragrance. Love how light this is. Works extremely well for days out.


Maybelline The Colossal Liner

Maybelline The Colossal Liner

Product description:
Enjoy eye catching intensity and flawless precision with the Maybelline New York Colossal Liner.
Designed to end all your application woes, the Maybelline New york Colossal liner features a 0.4 mm flexi tip applicator that gives you perfect error free lines. Empowered with the ink pigment technology, this colossal eye liner imparts smudge proof, fade- proof, intense color to your eyes. Its quick dry formula ensures a 12 hour staying power and quick application. Add this kajal to your vanity kit and enjoy stunningly beautiful eyes everyday.

Price: Rs.425/-

I have been using the Maybelline Hypersharp liner for over a year. It is, hands down, my favourite liner EVER!!
However it’s almost drying up now. So when Maybelline came up with this new felt tip liner I HAD to get it! It’s already a major hit in the market 'coz of which I was super excited to use this.

Maybelline The Colossal Liner

It has a pretty long felt tip and the liner itself is very light.  This makes the application much easier. You can apply very thin strokes as well as thick as per your whim.
The colour payoff is amazing right from the first stroke. It’s got to be the blackest of  them all.

It takes a while to dry completely. It sets with a glossy finish. 
The application is real smooth. It does not tug at my eyes at all. Just one stroke is enough for the color payoff hence you donot have to go over several times.

Maybelline The Colossal Liner

Maybelline The Colossal Liner - Swatch

Now uptill this stage this liner was a dream ‘about’ to come true. 

Half an hour later....
Me standing in front of the mirror, just short of screaming..."I WANT MY MONEY BACK!" well..I did scream it. 

My eyes were black. Like I got a "black eye" vala black. Completely smudged. Within 30 MINUTES!!
Yes I do have the worst oily lids ever! (I feel like I repeat that in every post!) But 30 mins!! It claims to stay for 12 effing hours!!
I tried it on again a day later. Brushed on a layer of compact on it. It lasted for about 45 mins.

So disappointed!! If it fares so on my eyes in the winters, I wouldn’t dare get this anywhere near my eyes during summers L

I personally would not recommend this to anyone as per my experience. But if you are dry skinned then you could try this. But be sure to try this on your eyes first (not your hands but eyes) before buying.

HOT/NOT:  NOT!!  Like everything about it BUT the staying  power. That alone is a deal breaker for me. Rather get the Maybelline Hypersharp liner. It costs the same.