Blue Heaven Lip Bombs

Hey guys!

With Christmas  round the corner, I usually like to indulge my nieces with all the cutesy Xmas sha-bang! And like all girls, my niece loves to play make-up. Since she's not allowed any (she's only 9), except for lip balms, needless to say she's obsessed with them. So I was looking for one when I found these babies!

Eos dupes, you ask? I wondered the same but could not find any reviews about them online. So thought of trying them myself. Was too curious not to! I found only 3 variants so I got them all 😆.

I think they look super adorable! I have not used Eos lip balms so I can't really compare. So apart from the look alike lets treat them as individuals...shall we?

Price - Rs.85/-
Compared to the other lip balms in the market, these seem reasonably priced.

The variants are strawberry,  bubblegum and cocoa butter.

These balms are heavily fragranced and very artificial. Like over the top. No kidding. If you are one of those who can't stand fragranced products, this one is sure to give you a headache.

Cocoa butter didn't smell like cocoa to me at all. It reminds me of a cough syrup whose name I can't recall. Hate the smell.

Strawberry smells like well..,. strawberries, but like you were punched in your face with boat load of them. I anyways don't like the smell of strawberries. I found it sickeningly sweet. I shall however be giving this to my niece since she loves strawberries.

The bubblegum variant I like! It smells exactly like Boomer bubblegum, if you guys remember!

TEXTURE - These are matte balms. Does not turn out glossy on the lips. Does an ok job at moisturising. Thankfully does not just sit on my lips. Great for applying under matte lippies.

Lip balms anyways don't stay on me more than an hour or so. I've got really chapped lips, to the point that it bleeds and hurts like a bitch. I have to apply boroline every 2nd night and sleep with it to keep my lips from hurting. Sadly nothing else works.


Finally I think I'll use them up. The smell majorly doesn't repel me and the texture feels good enough. I just wish they didn't smell so artificial and strong.