Skintype - Extremely Sensitive. Prone to rashes and allergies. Very oily during summers and very dry during winters. Here's the detailed version. Also check it to know how I cleared my skin.

I'm hoping similar skin types can get some help/reference from my favorites. These are what have really worked for me.

So...Here are a few of my favorite things! 


1)      Neutrogena deep clean Facial Cleaser – HG!! Does not strip my face off moisture. Cleanses it thoroughly. Best of all it suits my ultra sensitive skin. Controls my break outs.

  2)     TBS Tea tree face wash-  Summers in Kolkata are horrid. This was a saviour. It feels so fresh and tingly. Cleanses beautifully and does not irritate my skin! 

3)      TBS Aloe toner – Game changer. I never realised the importance of toner until this came into my  life. This solely soothed my hyper sensitive skin and rashes. Gem!

4)      TBS Aloe soothing Gel –Again, in combination with the Aloe toner...Amazing. If you have hyper sensitive and irritated skin, you need to try this combo!

5)      Neutrogena Oil free moisturiser (Sensitive Skin) – Basic moisturiser which does its job to the T. Keeps my face moisturised. Gets absorbed in the skin within a minute. Does not make my face oily.

6)      Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 matteDaily Sunblock – Oily skinned people, this is your man! Can also be used as a tinted suncreen. Although this does not really give any coverage. Only slightly evens out the skintone. My staple during Summers.

7)      Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch sunblock(spf 50+) – The best Sunscreen ever! Does not make your skin oily. Feels like a primer.

8)      Neutrogena brightening serum – Used up 2 bottles of this. Again, sensitive skins should try to incorporate a serum in your routine. Helps to soothe the skin a lot. Not a fairness cream, mind you. But this helps to even out my skin tone.

9)      TBS Drop of Youth Bouncy sleeping mask – One product which literally worked on my skin overnight. Expensive, but guys one jar has lasted me 8months and counting. I’m no where near finishing it. Amazing product! Worth all the hype.

10)   Maybelline Baby Lips –Mango pie/Berry – Staples again. These obviously need no explanation.

11)   Boroline – Old and gold. The ONLY thing that cures my dry chapped, bleeding lips. CANNOT live without it.
12)   TBS cocoa body butter – The only thing that worked on my swollen pregnant hands and feet to keep me moisturised.

13)   Bio Oil - Really worked when I had itchy stomach and breasts during pregnancy. Can't say if it prevented stretch marks 'coz I did get some. But I like to believe it could’ve been a lot worse if not for this.

Have you used any of these? Did you like them? 
Let me know your favorites. It could help me!