Momster Diary #2 Preggo rants [Talkathon]

Preggo rants|  Not so hunky dory after all.

Being pregnant is a boon; a miracle. It’s the happiest and the most cherished moments in a woman's life... Or not. 

Well, to be honest, it’s not all hunky dory for most women. It's supposed to be  "the blessed" 9 months. However, no one warns us about the stress, the pain, the "morning" sickness which lasts all day. No one understands the mood swings. The tension a pregnant woman goes through.

I remember one lazy evening, chatting with my husband, having a good time. Discussing about our future and how our life was to change once our babe was out and about. When, all of a sudden I felt my chest constricting and an extreme emotion welling up, and I burst out crying! I was sooo upset in a span of 20 seconds flat! I was dead sure that I’d be the worst mom ever ‘coz I couldn’t cook! Obviously! Have you ever heard of a mom who can’t cook? A woman who can't  cook? Yea sure. Its her choice to want to or not. But never a mom. A mom ALWAYS knows how to cook! A mom cooks the best meals ever! What was I going to do?? That thought hadn’t even subsided when I remembered I couldn’t drive even! #wailing like a baby #pun intended.

Well to cut it short my poor husband didn’t know what hit him that day.

So all this stress and being physically weak do take a toll on us.
Thankfully I didnot suffer in my first trimester. Only a subtle case of heartburn (acid reflux).
My skin, however, had a mind of its own while I was pregnant. Initially it was perfect!! Although no pregnancy glow (honestly I think the “pregnancy glow” shizz is all a myth) but I definitely had super clear skin.

My happiness was short lived ofcourse. By 4th month my skin went all cray cray. I had rashes and allergies on my face one after the other. My skin was super oily one day, then super dry another day.
By 6-7 months , my hands and feet were swelling  up. And they weren’t a pretty sight trust me. By 8th month, even my footwear refused to fit me.

My palms and feet were super dry and itchy! Talking about itchy, boy, did I have itchy breasts!! #awkward in public

Back aches and cramps. Don’t even get me started! Especially lying down. There was a time when I couldn’t switch sides 'coz it hurt like a beaachh. My husband had to help me up to a sitting position.  But thankfully that lasted for only a week in my 2nd trimester and during the end of the 3rd trimester.

My delivery happened in the 37 th week, so thankfully I didnot have to face the full brunt of the last few weeks.

Pregnancy, sure isn't easy. You'll have thousand things to crib about and then that one ultrasono will make everything worth it. All you ladies who are expecting, just hang on. Try to enjoy every moment even. 

Feel every kick. Give in to every craving. Laugh at your own wobble. Flaunt the bump. Bask in how strong and powerful you are. 'Coz woman, it's no less miracle that you have 2 hearts beating inside of you. 
Brace yourself to understand what love truly means, when you have that piece of you in your arms, sleeping peacefully. 

Are you in that stage of life? What' going on with you? And if you are a mom already, tell us your story!