Organix/OGX Coconut Water Weightless Hydration Oil


Price: Rs.725/- for 118ml
Available: Nykaa, Purplle, Flipkart, Jabong.

Company claims:
Drench your dehydrated strands in this ultra-light blend of weightless hydrating coconut water, supercharged with nutrient rich electrolytes and combined with coconut oil to transform dry, parched hair into silky shiny perfection.

After shampooing, towel dry hair, spray weightless hydration oil evenly onto damp hair then blow   dry to infuse it into the hair shafts. Finish by misting all over for optimal shine and hydration.



I fall in love with every OGX product I use. All of their products are really commendable and they actually work.

Firstly, I love the packaging. It’s a cute, handy, travel friendly plastic bottle with the best  pump I’ve ever used.The pump sprays a fine mist,very evenly. There’s no gloppy product oozing out or leakage whatsoever.

OGX or Organix is a cruelty free brand. Does not test on animals.
It is sulphate and Paraben free.

The product looks like water in the bottle. The texture is exactly what it claims- Weightless Oil. It is extremely light, not greasy at all. It basically acts as a serum.

The best thing about it is the smell. I LOVE it. It has a very sweet nutty-vanillary fragrance. Very difficult to explain but do give it a sniff if you get a chance. It leaves the hair smelling amazing! The fragrance stays on my hair for approx 5-6 hrs.

Does it work you ask? Oh yeah! It makes my hair shiny and keeps it looking healthy. My hair feels and looks so much smoother. The effect lasts on my hair for 2 days..  
The consistency is so light that it is very difficult to go overboard with it.

How I use it – I use this on clean dry hair. I either spray it directly on my hair (from the middle to the ends of my hair) or spray some on my palms, rub it in and then work my palms into the hair.
This does not attract dust or pollution like many other serums or creams do and hence less build-up.
It works just as well through out the year in all weather conditions.

I LOVE this product and recommend it to everyone I know! 
I also use it as a heat protectant and it does a damn fine job.

I have this oil since over 7 months and I use it pretty religiously everytime I wash my hair. I haven't even finished half yet. So I know this is going to last me a long looong time, thus justifying the price.

I haven't used any heating tool here. Just the OGX weightless hydration Oil on freshly shampoo-ed hair. 

Have you used this? What is your HG hair product? Talk to me.