Solution to my Skin Issue (Talkathon)

Ok guys, sit back with a cuppa coffee since this is gonna be a long one. I'm in one of those moods today :) I'm gonna call 'em The Talkathon series.

So, to start with, I'd like to first brief you on my skin type. I have extremely sensitive skin. It's super dry in winters and super oily in Summers. I donot have any major acne/pimple scaring on my face. I get the usual pimples now and then especially during my periods. But I get rashes on my cheeks and forehead. These rashes aren't acne or whiteheads. They're like small bumps sometimes red when majorly irritated. Can be itchy.

Now until a few months I just could not figure out the reason for these rashes. I never used too many products before (I only used clean & clear face wash and moisturiser for the longest time ) so I didn’t know what was causing the allergy. 

After quite many hit and trials here's my verdict. Pollution, Dry skin, Ph  level.

My skin gets worse when I’m out, more susceptible to pollution and dirt. I ofcourse wash my face with a cleanser once home. Then apply some moisturiser. In winters. During summers, previously I would usually skip the moisturiser since my face would get oily and I believed that the rashes were ‘coz of that.
BUT, I realised washing my face with a facewash cleared the dirt off my face but it also stripped off all the moisture and natural oils. And hence my skin produced more oil in order to counteract the dryness and all the stripping. So once I started using moisturiser regularly, it helped my rashes. A lot. But it didn’t completely go. So, I started wondering what I was doing wrong again. After some personal research (read- googling), I realised my facewash was not only stripping away my natural oils but also increasing the Alkaline level of my skin.

OK, for those of you are a little confused. Our skin has the potential to go Alkaline or Acidic. On a scale of 1-14, 1 being the most acidic and 14 the most alkaline, Our skin needs to have a PH level (Potential Of Hydrogen) of 5.5 to be normal. It needs to be slightly more acidic to fight the bacteria which causes acne, rashes, allergies...blah blah all the bad things ie.
Hence the need to avoid SLS, since they have an alkaline Ph level of almost 10!!

So that’s when I started using Toners and checking the ingredients of the products I was using closely.
They don’t say the CTM routine for nothing. Using a Toner is REALLY important. And that’s what made all the difference to my skin.
 Basically, using mild cleansers, toner, and moisturisers which balances the Ph level should suit and work best for the skin.

You could use toners from The Body Shop; Aloe Toner (great for sensitive skin), Thermal Water or Rose water.
Check out my Skincare routine to know what works best for me in combination.
The most important thing - Be consistent.
The CTM routine needs to be followed everyday twice. Once you wake up in the morning and second when you're done for the day.

This will definitely help, just have a little patience.

What kind of Skin issues are you facing with?? Talk to me. Maybe I can help :)