Momster Diaries# 3 Skincare Routine [during Pregnancy]

When I was pregnant last year, my first trimester thankfully was pretty ok. I didnot face any morning sickness or  discomfort. My skin was also acting fine... rather well.

However by the time I entered 2nd trimester, my skin started acting up. It got dry and very dull. I did not have acne or pimples but got a few rashes on my cheeks.
The main issue I faced was my swollen hands and feet. Firstly I had to remove all the rings on my fingers. My fingers were swollen, dry and itchy! So were my feet. My feet were so swollen that it was scary. No shoe fit me anymore and I was praying that they’d come back to normal self...soon!

I tried to maintain a routine throughout my pregnancy that did help me quite a bit.
I made sure to massage Olive oil all over my body before bath. Especially my hands, feet  and  my face. During my showers I used only Dove soap since it did not dry my skin even further. Also I was avoiding parabens and sulphates as much as possible. For my shampoo and conditioner, I used The Body Shop Ginger Anti-dandruff shampoo and Banana conditioner / Sunsilk Ginseng Shampoo+Conditioner.  After my bath, I’d apply the Bio-Oil on my stomach, bust and my butt. 

Then used TheBody Shop Cocoa Body Butter on my hands and legs. This was the only lotion/butter that actually stayed and moisturized my body for a decent amount of time.

For my face, I made sure to religiously follow the CTM routine. I cleansed my face using The Body Shop Tea Tree cleanser (during summers) and Neutrogena deep cleanser (during cooler weather). Toned my face and neck with the The Body Shop Aloe Toner. Then used the Neutrogena Oil free moisturiser for combination skin/ Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50 while going out. This was my routine for the day.
For the night, I'd repeat my Cleansing and Toning routine. Then use The Body Shop Drops of Youth Night  mask.
I used Boroline on my lips as a lip mask. Nothing can cure my chapped lips as well as boroline.

I tried to maintain applying Bio-Oil “atleast” twice a day.  And remember to rub your belly softly and rotate your hands in one direction, while massaging it, so you don't disturb the baby's position. Stretch marks usually appear on the lower tummy area and the breasts (due to pregnancy). So make sure, the areas are well moisturized. Remember, you can’t treat stretch marks, maybe lighten them a bit. But ideally you can prevent it as much as possible by keeping your body moisturized beforehand.

However, you are bound to have a few stretch marks after delivery, and they're nothing to be ashamed of. Don't treat them as scars but as marks/reminders of your pregnancy months. 

So ladies, if you are expecting,the key is to keep it simple and as moisturized as possible.
Are you facing any issues? Or do you have a tip/trick to share?