The Body Shop Haul

The Body Shop Haul

Yup, I had a big fat haul from The Body Shop in the past 2 months. These are the products I collectively bought over December'15 and January'16 during their sales. All the products you see, have been purchased at 50% Off. Hence makes me a tad bit less guiltier about the splurge. Bought these mostly online, some directly from the store.

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1) Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - A rebuy. One product which does help, to quite an extent, keep the dandruff at bay. Cleanses the hair and scalp perfectly. More importantly, this helps my sensitive scalp to stay calm and not itch.

2) Banana Shampoo - Since the Ginger Anti-dandruff shampoo and the Banana conditioner worked for me, thought of giving this a try. 

3) Banana Conditioner - A rebuy. I liked using this in combination with the Ginger shampoo. It moisturizes my hair without any build up. Keeps it tamed without over weighing it. And I love the smell.

4) Fuji Green Tea Body Wash - Loved the fragrance. Fresh, lemony scent! I'm saving this for warmer weather. Sure gonna love it then.

5) Argan Oil Body Wash -  Haven't included it in the pictures above. Had ordered it online but the cap was broken when it reached me. Thankfully there was no spill. So transferred it into another bottle. Is what I'm currently using. Love the scent and the feel of it.

[I had mailed The Body Shop regarding the broken item, but never received any response from them. Disappointing.]  

6) Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser - Previously used the Tea Tree skin clearing facial wash. Loved it. Was one of my 2015 favorites. When I saw the foaming cleanser on sale @ 50% Off, thought to grab it. Wanna check out if it's different. I'm hoping it to be better since it costs more than the face wash.  
[Guys, how is a facial wash any different from a cleanser? Let me know in the comments below]

7) Aloe Soothing Gel - Again a rebuy. Another 2015 Favorite. A must have for me. Have tried other aloe vera gel but nothing really works as this one does on me.

The Body Shop Haul

8) Shea Beautifying Oil - Been wanting to try one these beautifying oil since long. A dry oil that can be apparently used from head to toe. Can be used as a hair oil, serum, body oil, facial oil... Let's see how this works out.

9) Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream - Have heard rave reviews about this. Hoping it'll work wonders on my post partum dehydrated skin.

10) Life is Gold Perfume Oil - Loved the fragrance. This one was an impulse buy.My first perfume oil. Quite intrigued. It's so tiny that I can carry it with me everywhere. And look at that pretty bottle!!

11) Shea and Honeymania Hand cream - Uhm.. who doesn't need a hand cream?!

I think I'm done Body Shop hauling for an entire year!
Which one's have you used. Did you splurge into the TBS sale this year??