Hair Accessory Haul

Hey guys! What's up? My sleepless nights are getting better now. My babe is sleeping through the night. I'm getting a decent amount of sleep, so thankfully the zombie phase is over :D

I recently did a bit of an accessory haul. A mix of street shopping and an Accessorise haul (more of that in the next post :)).
I'd been eyeing cuff hair ties for quite some time. I suddenly chanced upon this in a street shop for Rs.25/- I spotted the studded bow right beside it and couldn't help picking it too :) Isn't it adorable?!?

I finally found a roller pin. These are extremely useful to hold up buns.

The flat elastic hair ties are from Accessorize. Got them at 50% Sale!


Do you think you'll ever grow up? I don't and hope not :D