Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Creams | Swatches

I don't think I need to introduce these babies! They’ve been around for quite some time now. However they've recently made a comeback everywhere! And for all the right reasons!

The Soft matte lip creams have become so popular ‘coz everyone’s going crazy over Matte lippies this year and these are probably the most comfortable (not to mention the cheapest) matte creams out in the market.

Miss Claire Soft matte Lip Cream ; Shades- 03,05,10,11,12,15A,17A,18A

Miss Claire Soft matte Lip Cream ; Shades- 03,05,10,11,12,15A,17A,18A
Miss Claire Soft matte Lip Cream ; Shades- 03,05,10,11,12,15A,17A,18A

 The best and exact dupe of NYX soft matte lip creams. With NYX hiking their price, Miss Claire has come into the picture harder and stronger than ever before.

The brand itself is really good and the quality is surprisingly amazing for the price.
The quality, texture, finish, fragrance... practically everything is exactly like the NYX soft matte lip creams. Most of these are exact dupes of the shades even. I personally feel buy NYX only if you want a particular shade that you can’t find in Miss Claire.   

For those who still haven’t tried any of the two... Guys you NEED to pick these up and stock up if you’re not from Mumbai or Pune or a place where these are easily available.
Miss Claire Soft matte Lip Cream ; Shades- 03,05,10,11,12,15A,17A,18A

It is basically a liquid lipstick which is extremely smooth and super easy to apply. It sets into a powdery matte finish. Although matte, it does not dry  the lips at all or give that dry stretchy disgusting feeling.

It has a slight vanilla-ish scent (the same as NYX soft matte lip creams).
It lasts for about 3-4 hours on me then starts fading. However it depends on the shade too. Darker the pigmentation, longer the lipstick lasts. Again, the lighter shades like 03, 05, 15A  may need a few more applications for an opaque finish. Shades like 07, 10, 12, 18A go on opaque on 1 application itself.

I also have shade No.07 but missed it while photographing these. Realised it was missing while editing :\ Shall update the swatch later.

As you can judge by the pics, I couldn’t help myself but buy all the shades I could get my hands on except for the ones I knew wouldn’t suit me. Guys there are shades like – 02,09,17 which are brown shades which could be an awesome MLBB for deeper skinned beauties!

You need these in your life...without any second thoughts. You shall not regret it. I promise.

I got them from an Instagram Store- pinkktreat 
Pinkktreat is Delhi based. I received my package 25 days after I placed the order (a little later than estimated) but received them in mint condition nonetheless. Every lip cream was sealed. The courier details were sent on whatsapp so you know exactly when it's sent and also no issues tracking the package. She also very kindly sent a free Sivanna lip crayon as a gift.


PS: The caps of these lipcreams are matte suede finish. However 2 of the lipcreams I received -10 and 18A have glossy caps. The quality is the same as all others but I'm not sure whether mine's like that or do those shades come in glossy caps itself?? Any idea guys?