Maybelline SuperStay Gel nail Color - Mint For LIfe

 I finally found my perfect Mint polish!!
I'm in love!! Yeah no surprises here.
I'm currently obsessed with Mint...can you tell?

I bought 2 of these polishes- Mint for life and Uptown Blue. Now I want them ALL. There's a shade called Rose Poudre...you're gonna be mine soon!

The first thing that impressed me was the pigmentation. Being a pastel shade, I expected the color to be a little patchy and sheer. But it's amazing. For such a light color, 2 coats seemed enough for a flawless finish. I really like this with just one coat too. Gives a much softer look, provided my application is smooth enough.
Secondly, the brush applicator!! I'm sorry I have not included the applicator close-ups [I shall update them soon]
It is broad and flat and so good quality! It makes the application super easy.

Thirdly, it dries in seconds! By the time I'm done with one coat on all fingers, the polish is dry and I can immediately go for the second coat. It literally dries within a minute or so!

Maybelline Forever strong Super Stay Gel Nail Color 7 Days in Mint for Life

Maybelline- Mint For Life NOTD

About the Super Stay 7 days claim- I am a very hands-on person. I'm always peeling and scratching stuff. Especially with a 7 months toddler around, ladies, lets just say it's a lot of work.

Well, the polish on my right hand messed up the very next day. However, after 5 days of extreme abuse, most of it still stayed.
 I was very impressed with how it stayed on my left hand!!
This was without any top coat mind you! 

Right hand after 5 days

Left hand after 5 days

Regarding the Gel Nail claim-  I have never used a gel nail polish before. But the finish of this is definitely more glossy and feels very luxurious. 

I love all the shades they've come up with. Vibrant, nudes, pastels!! I want them all!
Maybelline has completely spoiled me for any other polishes after this! I can't be bothered to wait for the polish to dry now!

Price: Rs.350/- [Quite expensive for my like. But it's definitely worth it.]

Have you tried these? which shade?