Sephora Coconut Creamy Body Wash & Moisturising Lotion

My most favorite scents/flavours:
1) Vanilla
2) Chocolate
3) Coconut
In that particular order.

 Had been to Delhi for a friend's wedding for hardly 2 days. I obviously HAD to visit sephora! [Did burn a little hole...]
Frankly I was dissapointed. I was expecting a lot more. Mostly everything I wanted was out of stock. The entire NYX counter was empty except for a few items [managed to get my hands on a soft matte lip cream!] My visit was before they pulled out NYX completely off of Sephora.

I regret not buying the stila pen liner [I wanted a black liner but they didnt have it in the pen form. I think they had one in brown though. Should've grabbed it when I had the chance­čśč. However I bought the retractable form. More on that later] Also regret not buying any soap and glory products. But frankly the scent did not woo me too much.

However I got sucked into the cute range of Sephora's in-house bath and body range. And I couldn't stop sniffing them.
The minute I sniffed the coconut variant, I knew this was coming home with me. It smells so fresh, summery and just.... Coconut-ty! If you're a fan of coconut fragrances... You need to check this out!!

sephora coconut moisturising lotion and body wash

Sephora coconut body wash: Rs.460/-
Sephora coconut body lotion: Rs.480/-

Highlights- Paraben free but contains SLS. Very light on the skin. Perfect for summers. Normal to oily skin will love this. Dry/very dry skin may find this extremely light. Fragrance is light yet potent. If sensitive to fragrance this may be an issue. But if you're not... Welcome to pixie world ladies!

These are apt for the hot and humid kolkata summers. The creamy body wash is very light. Foams decent enough. It leaves me feeling clean and nicely fragranced. 

I like to apply the moisturising lotion immediately after bath. This helps in retaining the fragrance and moisture longer.

The lotion is very light in texture. Gets absorbed in the skin like a dream. If you are like me and hate putting on lotions during summer but really need to, thanks to super dry skin, this is perfect. No greasiness after application. But leaves the skin feeling moisturised and fresh. 

These are practically useless in winters but are perfect for hot summers.

What's your favourite body products for summer? ?