Favourite Lipsticks for Fall/Winter'16

My favourite lipsticks for the Fall/Winter season!

To check the collected swatches you could scroll down directly. For those who want a detailed post, get comfortable. Here goes...

1) Revlon Just bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey 001 
 [Price: Rs.750/-]

It's a dusty pink color. As the name suggests, when applied it has a balmy texture but soon sets in as a stain. It's settles into a very pretty mauvy-pink shade. Subtle with a hint of color. I always find myself gravitating towards this shade when I'm in a hurry and don't want too much fuss. This shade goes with everything!
It has a minty scent and feel to it when applied. The scent or the tingly feeling doesn't stay too long in case you're not a fan of mints. The moisturizing effect stays hardly for an hour on me. But the stain lasts pretty long. The darker shades of this range last even longer. 

You can buy it here.
Revlon Balm stain - Honey

2)  Sugar Vivid Matte lipstick in Mad Magenta
[Price: Rs.599/-]

I jumped right on that Sugar Bandwagon and am super glad about it!
I LOVE their matte as hell crayon lipsticks more for the formula. This range also claims to be matte. However, by the swatch below you can see it's not flat out matte but has a creamy sheen to it. It slowly sets in more as a stain on the lips.Very comfortable to wear though. Not transfer proof but long wearing. It stays on me for 4-5 hours. After which it leaves a pretty stain which eventually fades off evenly.

Buy it here.

3) Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Matte in Magenta Magic 
[Price: Rs.650/-]

A deep rich rosy magenta shade with mauve undertone.
This is my favourite matte texture and formula out of all the lipsticks I own! It glides on so creamy and smooth yet sits matte on the lips. It is not drying like the liquid lipsticks and hence are not transfer proof. My lips don't beg for a lip balm or feel super parched even after 4-5 hours. Lasts almost 5-6 hours on me. [A little less if I have a greasy meal] Later leaves a pretty even tint.

The color goes on rich and opaque in one swipe itself. The best thing I love about this lippie is that it hides all the lines and cracks on my lips and makes 'em look smooth and flawless. Please note, the time I was swatching these lippies, my lips were as dry as a desert.

Very comfortable to wear. This shade suits all skin tones and brightens the face. With a hint of pink blush it is perfect for fall/winter!

Buy it here.


 4) Loreal Paris in Arabian Night
[Price: Rs.899/-]

Soo, this one's not for the faint hearted. On first glimpse it gives a bold vampy look but once you get over the initial impact, you see the beauty and uniqueness in this. It really is a very classy shade. It is a rich deep maroon with subtle chocolate hints in it. I love it! Frankly I don't get to wear this shade too often. I'm really looking forward to wearing it this winter. This is definitely my New Year's party shade... if I do go to one this year, that is!
The Loreal Moist Matte lipsticks are very comfortable to wear. True velvet matte in texture and very light. After a while I don't even feel like I'm wearing lipstick. Also very long lasting. This does not emphasize dry skin or lines but it's always better to scrub your lips before putting a matte lippie for a flawless finish.

Buy it here.

5) Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip cream in 42 
[Price: Rs. 150-200/-]

Enough said about these lippies already! They're a craze and for all the right reasons. The quality of these lip creams at this price is unbelievable. If I could, I'd buy every shade available. Well I already own 15 shades *guilty*. Check out some of the shades shown here.

Shade 42 is one of the recent releases. And I think it's very different and a flattering shade. The pictures don't really do justice to the colour. It's a maroon with red undertone and slight hints of brown too. Those afraid to wear red can start with this. It's a bright yet not an on-your-face kinda shade. Will suit all kinds of skin tone.

6) Incolor Matte Me in shade 415
[Price: Rs.250/-]
Dupe of Sleek Matte me. This shade is apparently a dupe of the shade Birthday Suit. Please don't quote me, since I do not own any Sleek matte me-s. But from the swatches online, this shade does look quite similar. Typical Liquid lipstick, which sets in completely matte. Once set, does not budge. It is very long lasting. Stays on me for good 6-7 hours. However after 4-5 hours my lips get so dry and patchy that I need a lip balm by then. These are difficult to re apply. I need to rub off the entire lipstick and then re-apply. Coz', it gets very patchy and crumbly after hours of wear. It does emphasize every line and crack on the lip. Hence exfoliation before applying this is a must!
 Still if you are a fan of liquid lipsticks but don't want to spend thousands on it, this is a very good cheap option. I especially love the color. This shows up as a deep nude with mauve undertones on me

[Price: Rs.260/-]

LOVE the shade. It's a purple shade with pink neon undertone. This lippie has probably earned me the most no. of compliments. I think purple shades suit indian skintones beautifully. Shades like these seem very high end. It's awesome that Lakme is coming up with such beautiful shades!

The texture is creamy but sets in a creamy matte finish. Very long lasting. The shade is quite close to MAC Heroine. Not the texture though. These are best if you wanna try out some daring shades. Not too expensive to feel the pinch. Frankly I like these much better than the bomb expensive ones.


An everyday nude. Has peachy undertone. Creamy finish. Glides on smoothly. Westside has come up with some really good quality lipsticks. These are not as long lasting coz' of the creamy texture but stays on me for 3-4 hours. After which, I need to reapply. These look very rich and luxurious on the lips

I tend to gravitate more towards purples and mauves rather than pinks these days. Nudes are always there. And i'm going super dark this year rather than red. 

Here's a collected look at all them together:

Left Up-Incolor415; Left Down-Lakme Magenta Magic; Right Up- Revlon Balm Stain Honey; Right Down- Miss Claire SMLC 42

Left Up-StudioWest Honey Glaze; Left Down-Sugar Mad Magenta; Right Up- Lakme Enrich Satin P168; Right Down- Loreal Paris Arabian night


With Love,