Nykaa Matte Nail Lacquer - Lavender Panna Cota

Nykaa Matte nail lacquer - Lavender Panna Cota
[Price: Rs.199/-]

Lets just say Nykaa is killing it with their new makeup range. The Nail Lacquers and Lipsticks are all so amazingly drool worthy. I binged in a couple of polishes, especially for the unique shades. 

But I am on a lipstick ban. So I have been a good girl and controlled on the lipsticks... as yet.

Nykaa Matte nail lacquer - Lavender Panna Cota

[Please excuse the hideous application. I only had a while till my baby was asleep! ]

I am super impressed with the quality of Nykaa polishes. The shades look opaque after 1-2 coats and dry relatively soon. For the price, it has amazing formula. And the shades... Oh my! 
I remember watching Youtubers use Essie polishes and get so envious. But thankfully Nykaa has brought some amazing shades [pastels, brights, neons and now matte!] in India at a reasonable cost.  

I had to get Lavender Panna Cota the minute it was out. And I sure wasn't disappointed. I love the shade! It turns matte quite immediately and dries relatively fast.

Nykaa Matte nail lacquer - Lavender Panna Cota

The laquer stayed fresh- like on my nails for 3 days. It started chipping after that. But no polish stays on me more than that. With a toddler around, I always have to be hands on!

Available only on Nykaa site.

What do you think? Have you tried any?

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