Roots Professional MorocVita Oil

Hey guys!!
I've had an eye for THE Moroccan Oil Hair treatment for a verrrry long time now. The mixed review is what has kept me from buying this. And ofcourse the unreal price tag! Moreover I got myself a Moroccan Oil Hair spa in COLORS here in Kolkata, and it was OK-ish. Maybe I had too much expectation but it felt just like the Loreal/Wella ones... So I gave it a rest.

While searching, I found quite a good feedback on the brand- Roots. I have and love their combs, hair brushes and blow dryer. I think they're one of the best quality out there. However using a product is very different than using their tools! 

So my search for a good Argan Oil with minimal harmful chemicals kind of came to a halt when I found this. The little reading, "Derived from Moroccan Argan Tree" already had me sold. And then came the Nykaa sale!!
Since it claims such good things and it was on 50% sale, I just HAD to pick it up.    

Price: Rs.2000/-

Roots Professional Morocvita Oil

Roots Professional Morocvita Oil

Please check the below pic for the ingredients list and all that it claims.

Roots Professional Morocvita Oil

It's not really an oil. DONOT use it as an oil/ overnight treatment but treat this as a serum. The texture is more of a serum which is very light and feels very smoothening on the hair. That is because of the silicone content in the oil. Silicone in skincare and hair care is often spoken unfavourably of BUT...

In fact, silicones are one of the most effective ingredients in skincare and haircare, ofcourse depending on what you are actually aiming for.

Dimethicones being water insoluble forms a protective layer on the hair, and does not let the moisture (or humidity) pass through, hence giving the hair a shine and smoothening effect.

Since it helps retain the moisture already present in the hair, it also conditions the hair.

Products containing silicones are mostly good for conditioning and controlling frizz, which is exactly what I need. 

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Like I mentioned, this is more of a serum rather than an oil. 
I use it-
  1.   After washing my hair to smoothen and control frizz. 
  2.  As a heat protectant. 
  3.  Apply 2 drops of it on dry hair (once everyday, even if I have not washed my hair) whenever I leave  home during the day since it also claims to protect against UV rays.

Lets just say, this is my new love! I use it as my serum, heat protectant, SPF for my hair, frizz controller or on days when I feel my hair is looking dull.

My hair is loving the oil [serum]. It is extremely lightweight and doesnot weigh down the hair.
It controls my frizz and makes it look visibly smoother and shinier. I also like the light fragrance. And it is going to last me forever!

But the bottle is So. Damn. Heavy. I cannot travel with it at all. The bottle is quite hefty and made of glass. The pump is very convenient though. But the cap on it is very loose. [That just could be my piece] But because of that it keeps slipping from my hand. I'm too scared I'll drop it someday [Being the butterfingers that I am!]. 

I know I can transfer some in a containier while travelling, but I'm much too lazy for that. Also it is quite tedious and time consuming. Needless to say - Messy!

A must buy for those who have dry, damaged and frizzy hair. Especially at half the price!!