Top 10 Nude Lip Favourites [Roundup'16]

I'm obsessed with lippies. I usually steer clear from foundations on a daily basis. I'm mostly kohl and a lipstick kinda girl. 
However currently, I'm  loving a no eye kohl/liner look with a dash of blush, mascara and lipstick! 

So I was re-arranging my stash the other day and I realized I have way too many nudes (which means no buying new ones!!)  So, I had to jot down my favourite Nude lipsticks in my stash. Hope this helps you incase you are looking for a nude lippie.

So in no real order or rhyme, here goes:

L-R: Lakme 9to5 Coffee Command, Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick 19, Revlon Rosy Nude, Maybelline Warm Me Up, StudioWest Honey Glaze 

In sunlight
In shade

Lakme 9to5 Coffee Command
Price: Rs.320/-
A warm brown with peach undertone. It has a powdery matte finish. This is the closest dupe I've found to the famous 'My Mahogany' which has been discontinued for quite a while now.

Rimmel KateMoss 19: 
Price: Rs.215/-
 A perfect brownish nude with rose undertones. This is my MLBB shade. I have pigmented lips and this covers the pigmentation in 1 swipe itself. It is creamy in texture. It loses the creaminess in a while but it stays for almost 4 hours on me without eating. 
Fades evenly.

Revlon ColorBurst Lipcolor in Rosy Nude
Price: Rs.580 /- 
True to it's name, it is a rosy nude shade. It is almost similar to Rimmel 19, just slightly more peachy. On my lips they look the same. This is more creamy and more moisturising than Rimmel. Has a smoother finish. Even if you have chapped dry lips, this will make it look luscious and flawless. Great for winters especially if you can't bear to wear another super dry matte liquid lipstick!

Maybelline Warm Me Up
Price: Rs.386/-
It does not show up as pink as the swatch but it is definitely a pinky nude. I feel this will suit only fair skinned girls coz' if not worn right or when I'm a little tanned this washes me out. 
PS: A very close dupe to MAC Brave.

StudioWest Honey Glaze:
 Price: Rs.450/-
 One of my favorite nude. Just the right blend of brown and peach. Brightens the face. Opaque in 1 swipe. Creamy in texture. Stays for almost 4-5 hours. I love this range from StudioWest (WestSide Cosmetics).

Fave Nudes: Swatches in sunlight

Fave Nudes: Swatches in shade

Streetwear color rich ultra moist lipstick in Berry dreamy:
 I love this streetwear lipstick range. Cute colours, decent stay and best of all... cheap! You can't go wrong with this one. It applies creamy but after a while it turns semi matte.   

Streetwear color rich ultra moist lipstick in Spellbound:
A little darker nude. It has a slight mauve undertones.

Miss Clare Soft Matte Lip Cream in 31
I could go on and on about this... A true peachy nude. This is one of the newer shades released. Love this one. A beautiful nude that'll suit many skin tones. The color looks beautiful on everyone. I also recommend 17A (A more pinkish nude) Powder matte finish. Lasts almost 5-6 hours on me.

Incolor Matte me 415
 I intentionally did not add more super dry matte lippies coz' it's winter and it's always good to give the lips a break and treat them well. However I HAD to add this one solely for the shade. A deep nude with heavy mauve undertones. Shall suit all skin tones. Dries into a super matte formula. Definitely need to exfoliate the lips first. Also can't re-apply over, since it gets all crumbly after 5-6 hours.

Which is your current fave nude lippie??

With Love,