FAB BAG January'2017

All my fellow subscribers will know the excitement one feels when you receive the Fab Bag in your mail, I'm sure. Very happy that the first bag for this year reached me in the first week itself.

It took me roughly a min and half to cut open the box and there inside lied this ruby colored clutch style bag. So this time the bag is different. Honestly, I like the colour but the material is quite flimsy. And since it is a clutch style, not much stuff can be stored in it. I like their pouch styles with chain. I use them to store stuff and they even look pretty on my vanity. But this one...nahh. This bag will probably go to my 3 yr old niece.

Without any more blabber, let's dig in...

1) O3+ Derma Fresh Mask- Very excited about this product. I don't own any of their products personally but I got O3+ facials done a couple of times and loved it. Plus it's a decent size to test out the product. Looking forward to this one.


2) M[Caffeine] Neem Caffeine Face wash - Again a decent sized sample. Quite happy about that. The ingredients seem sans harmful chemicals. Let's hope this works.

3) Nature's Co White tea Night Cream - Honestly, I am very skeptical about this one. 'Coz all previous Nature's Co products that I have tried failed...miserably! I usually steer clear of this brand. But I have heard few bloggers raving about this one so let's hope this is 'the' product to change my mind about this brand.

4) Wella EIMI LightWeight BB lotion - What? BB lotion for hair? or is it? Not mentioned on the packaging. huh. I shall assume since it's Wella, it's gotta be fot hair. I'll probably just get 2 usage out of it.

5) Sugar Cosmetics Matte As Hell Lip Crayon in Rose Dawson - This is the product I selected. There were Manna Lip crayons too which cost a bomb (almost 1800/-)!! But I wanted this shade and I played safe knowing what I was gonna get. I love these crayons. These can give most of the high end brands a run for their money.

So that's all. I quite liked the products. Even the sample sizes are enough to actually test the products.

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