Makeup Favourites 2016

Let's get straight to the point...'coz it's gonna be a long one :P

These are a few of my favourite things....


     It's a silicone based primer. Very little of it is required and it smoothens my skin like silk!!  Also, pores look a lot minimized!

     Have tried tons of other BB/CC creams. I keep going back to this one. This is perfect for Indian summers and is not too drying during winters too. Amazing coverage and gives a very natural finish. For those with extremely dry skinned may find this a tad bit drying but mix a little drop of moisturizer and it'll be perfect. I feel, it is the best BB cream in market as yet. If you are not a foundation kinda girl, like me, this will be your best friend! Only disadvantage is that it only comes in one shade :(
     OMG!! I think I discovered an HG product. I was very skeptical while buying this ( 'coz it's a lil pricey). But I've heard such rave reviews about this from my favourite youtubers that I had to purchase this. It literally is magic in a bottle! In a powder form, but it has such an amazing coverage! This powder is all you need if you want to even out your skin tone and have a few blemish marks. It comes with a brush which is thoughtful but I don't like it. It pokes :( I use this with my Real Techniques Buffing brush and Voila! An airbrushed finish! It's Magic...I'm telling you.

     I don't think I need to explain why. Blends like a dream. Does not crease. Stays on for atleast 5-6 hours. The quality is as good as the high end concealers.


     I have everything that may be considered "problematic" with an eye. I have small, hooded, extremely oily eyelids. Nothing and I mean NOTHING stays on my eyes. I finally found this one! This is one eye pencil which actually stays a decent amount and time. I will cry and cry sooo hard if they ever discontinue this!  
[rant start] Maybelline did that to me :| I had FINALLY found my perfect Pen EyeLiner - Maybelline Hypersharp, and then they went and discontinued it.WTF?!? No The Colossal Liner isn't better. It lasts on me for a full 10 mins!! *Baahhh*[rant stop]

    Easy to use. Hassle free. The powder side is a boon. You can not go overboard with it. 1 product I have started using everyday. Made me realize how much of a difference well done eyebrows actually make! 
     Oohhh Love this palette! review coming soon. The product being on this list says it all ofcourse. The quality is amazing. Makeup revolution makes some of the best palettes - eyeshadows, blushes and all.   

    Amazing for everyday use. Please donot use a waterproof mascara if you wear a mascara everyday. Even though you have pathetic lashes like mine. You'll only make them worse. So I wear this only during cooler weather when I know I won't be sweating. It separates and lengthens my lashes so well! However it does not give much volume. 
     Perfect. It gives Length AND Volume. The brush is amazing to get through the tiniest of lashes and it also has a separate comb like side for the lower lashes. It can also be used to separate the clumps. You can read the detailed review here.


       Perfect color for indian skintone that matches every makeup look. Intensity can be built up. Affordable and good quality. The best kinds :) 
      Dupes of Bobby brown and Revlon Shimmer Bricks. If you're new at highlighting like me, give this a try. A good product at an affordable price. 


      My current go to and favourite Nude.

      Oh just look at the swatches and you'll know why!
      Again. Do I need to explain? Cheap and great quality! I'm never buying NYX SMLC again. Moreover I went crazy and bought 19 shades. No, I don't regret buying any of them.

      Powder matte finish. Just the type I love. These 2 shades are LOVE for me.


      I just wanna get them all! Special mentions - , Lavender Buttercream, Lychee Delight, Lavender Panna Cotta (Matte), Black CherryPie(Matte) for the unique shades!
       It has spoiled me for other polishes. It dries in no time at all!! I love quite many shades but Mint for life and Rose Poudre has my heart.

      Amazing quality. Totally worth the hype. I wanna buy the eye brush set too...

What have been your favourites of 2016?