Makeup Revolution Ultra Professional Blush Palette in Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold

Ever seen something so beautiful, that you skipped a beat? 
Sighed or even gasped out loudly? Me... It happened the first time I saw Taj Mahal. Then, when I saw Hrithik in the song 'Kyun chalti hai pawan...' , when I first saw my super boss in the first company I worked in... The moments started fazing off as I grew older and wiser even. I haven't really had any such exaggerated moments until very recently.

I was looking for a golden highlighter and a pink one. And while searching for those I came across this palette which was named 'ROSE GOLD'. I mean, need I say more? Filsalna to tha hi..! 

It's priced Rs.1350/- Buy it here.
I looked up for its swatches and I was already in love. I couldn't buy this any faster.
And open it even faster!! (On receiving it ofcourse.) Trust me, it even made the "Elizabeth Bennet" in me go "Oh My!" and all drama-queen-like. 

I couldn't stop staring at it. I couldn't touch it for the longest time...scared that I'd ruin it.

Just look at those colours. I didn't care how the product was, I was already in love.
But yeah, for blog-sake, I shall curb in my smitten self and TRY to give a non-biased review.

Firstly, This palette claims to be a Blush, Contour and Highlighter palette. It ofcourse can be used as eye shadows too.
 Just like other Makeup Revolution Palettes, The pigments are extremely soft to feel and a dream to blend in.

What I noticed first was the mirror! Look at the size! Great to travel with. The packaging is very sturdy.
Secondly, this palette will work for all skin tones. Since most of the colours are gold based and warm toned, these are best suited for Indian skin.
For girls with deeper and richer tones who usually struggle to find a good highlighter which actually show up on their cheeks or don't look too harsh, this is a dream come true!

The first four colours are pink/peach/mauve tones. Great blushes and highlighters. These look great on cool tones..

1) A rose pink shade with an almost satin finish. Works great as a blush.
2) An icy peachy pink shade with frosty shimmer. Works well as a highlighter. Will look beautiful on cooler skin tones.
3) A warm toned peachy pink shade. Looks great as a blush cum highlighter. Looks fab on Warm skin tone.
4) A cool toned pink with silver glitter. Works as a blush but eventually the colour fades off leaving silver shimmer. If applied properly and lightly, I like the effect. On wintry days it gives a nice glow.

The right quartet is brown based and amazing for richer and deeper skin tones.

5) Out and out golden highlighter. Looks amazing if applied with a light touch. It's a very yellow gold, hence can look extreme if applied heavily. This requires a very light hand.

6) This is my favourite!!! Not gold but copper! Looks Ah-mah-zing on Indian skin tone. I apply this very lightly as a highlighter. But I love using this as an eyeshadow. It looks gorgeous with ethnic outfits! It looks a bit harsh in the swatch below. But it blends in completely with very slight shimmer. I was scared, this would have chunky glitters but these pigments blends in like a dream.

7) A bronzer shade with slight shimmer. The shimmer does not really show up but gives a sheen if built up while using it as a blush. A great crease or blending eyeshadow shade.

8) A complete matte bronzer shade. A very light for everyday bronzing shade. Works great as an eyeshadow too. 

Needless to say, I love this palette! 
 Makeup revolution houses some amazing powder pigments at reasonable prices and quality that match high end products.

If you are looking for some shimmery Highlighters/ blush/ eye shadows, pick this up without a doubt.
Can't get over the copper shade!! It's Beautiful!!

Which is your current go to palette?