Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette - Run Boy Run

A very very VERY long due post. I've been meaning to complete this but for some reason or the other (read procrastination) this just remained in my drafts for over 6 months now. Very ashamed. But on a brighter note, this gives me ample time to use this and review properly and give you guys the correct analysis.

I am super impressed with the packaging. It is very sturdy and comes with a huge mirror. Comes with an applicator with a sponge tip on both ends. The palette in itself is very sleek and compact and hence ideal for traveling. Over time, due to use, the palette may start looking dirty but I don't mind that. I think of it as #wellloved.

The shadows are one of the best quality shadows in  the market.
 I love it! To bits. I am forever addicted to Makeup revolution palettes. (Atleast powder palettes). This palette literally made me want to put an effort and wear eyeshadows on most days then ever. Has definitely solved a lot of issues which I shall get to in a while. 
Also this made me buy a blush palette which I adore!!! Read all about this beauty here.

Price: Rs 1350. /-
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Makeup revolution Salvation palette - Run Boy Run

Makeup revolution Salvation palette - Run Boy Run

This palette has a total of 18 shades. Out of which 12 shadows (first 2 rows) are shimmer and sheens. And the bottom row comprises of 6 matte shades. The shades are named quite long but kinda cute. I like long names anyday than just numbers.

These blend like a dream. They donot look chalky no matter how light the shade is. Even the matte ones blend beautifully. 
The shimmer and sheen shades i.e the top and middle row have amazing pigmentation. Just one swipe gives good pigmentation. However the matte shades are not as much pigmented but they are still great.

There's very little to almost no fallout with this. From what I've experienced, it depends on the brush I'm using. With Real techniques brushes there's no fallout. But with other (not so great quality) brushes, I find minimal fall out.

It's difficult to find such palettes in the indian market at such reasonable rates.
Makeup revolution has other variants in Salvation line. All worth checking out. I was basically looking for matte shadows which also had a black matte hence chose this particular palette.

So let's go over each shade...

Makeup revolution Salvation palette - Run Boy Run

Makeup revolution Salvation palette - Run Boy Run Swatches
Makeup revolution Salvation palette - Run Boy Run
Top Row
Trying to catch you: Baby pink (sheen)
Running is Victory: Nude-y Pink (shimmer) *Just a slight layer of this in the day gives the eyes a gorgeous sheen and catches the light beautifully*
Sun will be guiding you: Deep brown (shimmer)
Day is a prophecy: Golden brown yellow toned (shimmer)
Another day: Warm toned brown (sheen)
It's time to run: Frosty/Icy Blue with silver (shimmer)

Makeup revolution Salvation palette - Run Boy Run Swatches
Middle Row
World is not meant for you: Metallic grey with silver (shimmer)
Hide behind me: Bronzy gold (Frosty shimmer) *A beautiful nude sheen for dark skin*
Dying to stop you: Frosty pink with chunky shimmer
Break out from society: Cranberry orange (sheen) *A very uncommon shade*
Don't have to hide away: Yellow toned Gold with chunky shimmer *All you need on the eyes for a wedding or a blingy ethnic outfit*
You will be my boy: Deep purplish brown with gold/orange shimmer. *Very hard to describe. The swatch below does no justice at all. A very unique shade*

Makeup revolution Salvation palette - Run Boy Run Swatches

All shimmer/sheen shades in one go.

Makeup revolution Salvation palette - Run Boy Run Swatches

Bottom row
Follow me: Cream colour (matte) *Brightens the eyelids. Sometimes I also use this as a setting powder to brighten the under-eye area over my concealer.*
Head To The Hills: Light warm brown (matte) *Use this to neutralize my eyelids and blend other shades *
Run Boy Run: Warm brown (matte) *Deeper than Head to the Hills. Also to neutralize and blend other shadows*

If I do, I'll definitely hit pan with the above 3 shades first. I practically use these everyday.

Makeup revolution Salvation palette - Run Boy Run Swatches

Girl On Fire: Dusty pink (matte) 
You Are Finally Mine: Taupe brown (matte)
Head Start: Black (matte) *The reason I chose this palette*

Makeup revolution Salvation palette - Run Boy Run Swatches

Needless to say, I am in love. Cannot recommend this enough.

Do you own any of these? Which one?