COLOURPOP HAUL!! Lippie Stix Swatches

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on these for sooo long...
Albeit, some instagram stores sell colourpop here in India, and I 'almost' gave into the urge to pay that extra; thinking I'll anyways have to pay customs.

And then Voila!! Colourpop starts shipping to India!!
And my birthday was coming up :) I usually never buy myself Bday gifts, I find that kinda lame. But since I was #turning30 I felt like treating myself for getting so far and handling life way better than I anticipated. 
[Who am i kidding? I really needed an excuse!]

I ordered the package on 20th Nov’2016 and I received it around 10th Jan’17. Quite a long while, which had me worried since everyone else claimed to receive theirs within 10-15 days. But nonetheless, I received them safe and sound (except one, but it can still be used.) Another bonus was, I didnot have to pay customs. Yeah for that! 

 For the actual order, since I was trying out Colourpop for the first time, I really wanted the Lippie Stix.‘Coz that’s the kind of formula that works for me and I already knew I'd love them.
The packaging is very sleek. All white with silver holographic script. It is smaller in length than I expected. But the thin slanted bullet actually makes the application very easy. The base is colour co-ordinated which makes it very easy to pick the desired shade. There are 2 types of finish in Lippie Stix:
Lippie Stix Matte -These are not absolute matte. More like a creamy matte with a slight sheen to it. Very comfortable to wear. The colour stays on for 5-6 hours on me. Not transfer proof. Does not leave a stain. After a while, the colour wears off uniformly.
  Lippie Stix Matte X - A complete matte formula. No sheen or shine. But comfortable to wear. Does not tug at the lips. You can see the difference between the two formula in the pictures below. This also stays on me for 5-6 hours. However these are not transfer proof either.

Price- 5$ (approx Rs.334/-) Each


Cami: [MatteX] This shows up dusty pink on me. Lovely muted nude-y rose which'll suit most skin tones. This shade some how looks different on everyone.

Backup- [MatteX] This was the first shade I put in my cart. In case I didn't mentioned before, I love purple toned lippies. I knew I had to get this and I love it!! 
Lumiere[Matte] Similar to Cami. Only more cool toned with a slight sheen. Another shade you can just put on without thinking too much. It'll mostly go with all makeup looks and skin tones.

STAYCATION Matte Lipie Kit (Cookie, Brink, Grunge, LBB, I Heart This, Bossy) 
Price- 25$ (approx Rs.1668/-)

COOKIE- This alone looks too light on me and washes me out. But I plan to use it over other lip shades It'll be amazing to use on the middle to highlight the lips.

BRINK- Love this shade! It's a warm toned peachy everyday nude. Already a constant in my bag.

GRUNGE- Chocolate brown. I'm loving brown shades currently.

LBB- A deep plum. I didn't have a shade like this before. But this shade goes on a bit patchy :(
I HEART THIS- It's a real pretty true pink shade. This one is broken from the base :|
BOSSY- A warm orange toned red.

New Users get a 5$ discount coupon. Also the Value kits have 6 Lippie Stix for the value of 5. So I got 2 Lippie Stix free :)

Next I wanna try the eyebrow pencils and blush (Between the sheets...Sighhh) !!

Have you tried Colourpop products? Which one did you like out of my haul??