Self Update 101 #Turning30

Why is the idea of turning 30 so scary? I don't understand what's the big deal. Really. Especially for women mind you. I just turned 30 and yes it did feel weird and different....but in a good way. Jut like when I turned 16. Or 21.

Growing up. A new phase of life. A new decade. It's the 'not knowing what'll happen in this decade' Or 'I'm an actual adult now' kinda weird feeling. But it is exciting too. 'Coz unlike the 18 year old me, I am no more awkward. I don't feel old but a lot more confident.

I remember the worst thing about being a teenager or a "young adult" as they say, was not knowing how I'll turn out. Or what my future holds for me.
But at 30, I have a job, married to an adorable man, have an even more adorable baby.
I truely believe being 30 is the strongest and the most capable I'll ever be in my life. I can't figure why should my age pull me back? I am not awkward or scared about my life or the decisions I might have to take anymore. 
I am wiser, more worldly and independent.
A few fine lines aren't bringing me down. I consider them my laugh lines and each one shall make me wiser and stronger than I was yesterday.

I'm the oldest I've ever been and the youngest I'll ever be. I have no regrets in life and I'll make sure that's how it'll be.