Sugar Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick in Plum Yum Swatch and Review

A fair warning, I personally am not a fan of liquid lipsticks. I have super dry and chapped lips. So extreme that they bleed and actually hurt! It's kinda gross. Moreover I don't like the lines showing up on my lips which usually happens with liquid lipsticks. Not a cute look. And then it goes all crumbly after few hours. So the situation gets like, I can't re-apply on it 'coz it just gets gross-ier. Frankly I can't take the pain to carry a makeup remover wherever I go in case I need to re-apply it. As a result, I usually avoid wearing liquid lipstick when I know I'll be out for long (which negates the entire claim about liquid lippies)

Sugar Cosmetics has come out with another range this new year. Ofcourse it HAS to be a liquid lipstick. This range has 10 shades. I love the Matte as Hell Crayon Lipsticks and It's a-pout time vivid lipsticks. So obviously I had to try the liquid lipstick to see if they could keep up to their own standards! *not becoz I'm a hopeless shopaholic ofcourse!*

Sugar Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipsticks - Plum Yum

Price: Rs.499/-

I am quite impressed that they have priced this range quite reasonably. However I am kinda upset with the packaging. These look exactly like Maybelline's Color Sensational Velvet matte lipsticks. Got to say the Maybelline ones are far more sturdier.

This feels very light and plastic-ky in hand. I find the applicator very wobbly. The sponge is soft enough and does not poke the lips or anything but it's very bendy. It has a round bottom (unlike many wands) which I'm guessing holds the excess product and hence keeps the wand clean, also saves wastage of the product. Let's see if I'm right about that.

These are NOT silicone or paraben free, if you're particular about that.

Sugar Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipsticks - Plum Yum
Sugar Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipsticks - Plum Yum

Now coming to main part. The product is sweet smelling. Not chemical-y thankfully, which lots of liquid lippies tend to have.

The actual product looks nothing like in the tube when applied on the lips or even on the hand.
Just one dip was enough for, my entire lips and the desired pigmentation. I did not have to dip the wand twice. Do you see the lip swatch below? That's just one layer of product.
 It dried completely matte very quickly and once dried, it literally is smudge proof. 

Smudge Proof, Transferproof, Waterproof. Fades just a little after having an oily meal. 

The product is sooo light on the lips. Half the time I forget I have this on. I had this on for almost 7-8 hours. By the end of 6-7 hours, it started fading. I took it off 'coz I was done for the day. But it would've easily lasted for another hour at the least. 
Best of all, even after 8 hours, it did not completely dry my lips or give that gross stretchy feeling. Nor did it crumble. My lips were comfortable and I could do without a lip balm.
Sugar Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipsticks - Plum Yum swatch
Sugar Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipsticks - Plum Yum lip swatch
Sugar Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipsticks - Plum Yum lip swatch

Sugar Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipsticks - Plum Yum Time test

Please excuse the blurred not so great quality pic above, since these were taken in not so appropriate lighting. But just to give you an idea about the pigmentation and stay. I wore the lipstick at 2:00pm and washed it off at 10:00pm. Between which I had oily meals, snacks, loads of water and also kissed my baby say a million times. And I did not re-touch it.

The shade Plum Yum, I feel is so versatile. It'll look great on every skin tone. And will go with everything.

 I really want to try the shade 'Tan fan' and 'Rust Lust' too..oooh! and 'Brazen Raisin'!

These lippies are LOVE! Maybe they've cut on the packaging cost to provide a better quality product. If so, I'm all for it. The quality of these can give some of the best liquid lipsticks a run for their money and that includes the high end ones too.

Definitely give these a try. Sugar Cosmetics never seem to let down. More power to Indian brands!!