The Body Shop Lip Butter

I remember when I got introduced to this brand, the first product I heard about were lip butters and the lip duos. However, after years of using The Body Shop products, only last week while browsing through their store at Acropolis, Kolkata; I realized I still hadn't tried their oh-so-famous lip butter. Taking advantage of their "Falling for you" sale, I immediately bought the lip butter. They only had it in Shea [I assume by the sign on the cap, however, it isn't mentioned anywhere]. Does it come in only one variant? Let me know if there are others?

This makes a set to the Vanilla Bliss lip balm I had bought 2 years back [It has shimmers!] I really liked it but it was a holiday edition. I never found it again.

I bought this for Rs. 250/- [10ml]

The Body Shop Lip Butter
The Body Shop Lip Butter
The Body Shop Lip Butter

I really like this product. It feels very soothing on my super dry and chapped lips. Unlike most lip balms, this does not sit on my lips. After 5 mins, my dry lips literally soaks in the butter and it feels really moisturized. 
The main ingredient is Hydrogenated Castor Oil. Free from parabens.
It even tastes kinda sweet :P 

I'm not sure whether it'll melt in hotter days, being a butter. That's yet to be seen. The butter being in a tub form seems to be the only con. Not the most hygienic. But if I judge correctly, the texture does change according to the weather hence a tube or a stick form wouldn't work.

The size is tiny and very handy. It fits well into my handbag. And I love having it all the time. For emergency cases, it's an  easy cure for dry hands or any dry patches anywhere.  

If you're wondering whether it's better than lip balms? Then yes, it works better than MOST lip balms [except one]. Light and creamy in texture and more moisturizing
Although, I prefer The Body Shop Vit E lip balm with spf 15 over this. If I take Vit E lip balm out of the picture, I'd pick this lip butter over every other lip balms.

Well worth it's value. Not too costly and it actually works.
Another 'The Body Shop' product that surely impressed me.

Have you used this? What do you think of lip butters? Or would you rather prefer a lip balm? If so, which one?