EMPTIES Jan-Feb-Mar'2017

Empties QTRI 2017
  The Body Shop Aloe Toner - I still have 1/4th of the product left but it's way past it's expiry date, so I need to throw it out. I already have a back up of this and I love it! This is a dream come true if you have oily and sensitive skin like me. I have a post on why this changed my skin for good HERE. It may help you, if you have troubled skin too.

The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleepy Mask - Done! Fin! Have to share my views on this exclusively soon! Already re-purchased this one. Just the fact that, I managed to finish a skincare product without struggling AND bought a backup says a lot about it. Expensive but worth every penny 'coz this shiz works! Also lasts a loong time so really the price won't pinch you in the longer run.

The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Gel - This was my third tube. Aloe gel is a must for me. And this really works on my irritated, really sensitive skin. Highly recommend this for all those with similar skintype (Oily and Sensitive). Did not re-purchse this, only because I wanted to try something different which works but isn't so expensive. Rs.745/- for an Aloe Gel kills me man! Hence I bought the The Face Shop Aloe gel. Really hoping it works. But if you don't mind spending the amount or you really want something to soothe the skin especially in this hot summer sun, give this a try. Expensive but effective.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (+) - I think now will be good time to review this. Spoiler Alert - Initially, and by that I mean, in the first 2 weeks of using this, I was kinda disappointed. I thought it was disgustingly over hyped. I had no intentions of repurchasing it. But I did. And ofcourse there's a catch. I shall post about it real soon. [I promise. No really]

Clean & Clear Skin Balancing Moisturizer - Oh! How I love this product. I don't see many bloggers talking about this anymore. I know everyone must've used this atleast once in their life time [Read during their teens]. But this is such an old gem. I HAVE to have this in my vanity. This is amazing for oily skin. A water-based moisturizer. I have used this as a cream cleanser all my life. It gets rid of very stubborn makeup, every last bit of kajal from the tightline and lash line without irritating my eyes. A Musthave!

Sure Roll-On Deo - I prefer roll ons to aerosols any day. 'Sure' Roll On may not keep you smelling amazing the entire day. But it will help make your sweat odourless. Do I make sense? We sweat and we will, no matter what [at 40 degrees obviously!!] But this deo will help control the odour and not make you stink. I usually put this right after a bath. Then before leaving, spray some perfume [not directly on the skin. You don't want to do that.] on clothes from a distance, so you don't get perfume marks on your clothes. A musthave for me.

Nivea Whitening Roll-On Deo - So, when I was pregnant, my under arms had become really dark. Apparently that's normal. When pregnant, areas such as underarms, areola (the area around the nipple) tend to darken. So post partum, I tried home remedies such as scrubbing with lemon, potato, for it to get back to normal. That was when I bought this roll on. My underarms are back to normal now. But honestly, I'm not sure whether I should give this roll on the entire credit.These things do subside on its own.

BBlunt Temporary Hair Colour in Blue Velvet I finished the smaller can. I think the quantity is too little. I could use it only twice. For those with long hair, this would be enough for just one use. But it’s a fine size if you wanna try it out first. I enjoyed it on the two occasions I used this. But DONOT wear white while using this, since it transfers. And also makes the hair crispy and stiff. Also you need a lot of product for the colour to actually show up. It’s fun but “toooo” temporary.

Mayblline Hypercurl Mascara (Waterproof)– I couldn’t see it curling my lashes. But again no mascara by itself can curl my short stubby lashes. So I don’t blame this mascara. I found this too clumpy though. But it does give volume to the roots of my lashes. It demands too much effort and there are better mascaras out in the market.    

Maybelline Lash Sensational (Waterproof) – Already bought another tube. Review and details about this mascara here.

Lipstick Colorbar (Bare) – My all time favourite nude lippie. This shade looks amazing on every skintone. I still have a little product left but it’s turned bad. I bought this lipstick 5 years back. It’s high time I chuck this asap! I really want to re-buy this, but I have too many nudes at the moment in my vanity. So many, that this time I can’t even trick my conscious into buying myself another one.

Lipstick Lakme Enrich Satin P162 – Practically the entire bullet is unused. I remember buying and taking this along on my Gangtok trip and used this all through that trip and that’s it. It got pushed somewhere deep behind and almost never used it again. Found this when I finally arranged my vanity but it has fungus on it now! I really shouldn’t buy so many lipsticks, I can’t even use them! Lesson learnt. Another motive added for my resolution – Lipstick Ban.

Mothercare All We Know Baby Oil – Use this on my baby. And it’s a good lightweight oil. Absorbs quickly into the skin and keeps the skin supple. But frankly, I still prefer Johnson’s Baby Oil. If only they would exclude the Mineral Oil L