Self Update 102 #Nostalgia

It's 3am and after many many days of hoping and planning I have finally managed to stay up and just relax and do "anything" or "nothing". In today's case, re-watch a movie that suddenly crossed my mind at work. Yes, it's the middle of the week and I gotto wake up tomo and go to work. For that I need to go to sleep first. But, like I said, after a very long time I managed to spend some time with myself and loving every minute of it. I know I'll regret it tomorrow morning when I'll be late but well...I'll care about it tomo.

You've got mail. Oh how I love this movie!  While watching it now, I realised how much this movie actually affected me in my growing years. This was one of the first romantic movies I watched. My love for frank sinatra and jazz happened with this movie. My so long dream of owning a book store "round the corner" probably crept up 'coz of it. And I remember reading "Pride and Prejudice" the first time only after watching this. So many minute details. It's like visiting an old friend. The familiar feeling. The feel good factor.  The easy chemistry between the two leads! Oh I fall in love with Meg Ryan everytime I watch her in this. They didn't have to create any passionate or sensual scenes to prove a point. So sweet. So natural. It makes you want to be a hopeless romantic all over again!

Why don't they make movies like that anymore!