The Face Shop - Real Nature Sheet Masks

Price: Rs.100/- for each mask

Korean beauty products have taken over the beauty world up in storm. God bless Nykaa for introducing some of these Korean products like The Face Shop and Innisfree to us who don't have easy access to Sephora.

Nykaa has been upping it's game day by day. The offers Nykaa provides are irresistible at times. One such was when I found The Face Shop Masks on 'Buy 5 Get 5' offer. I had to get them! 

The one's I got are the Real Nature Masks
Shea Butter, Aloe, Cucumber, Pomegranate, Olive, Lotus, Lily. 

Out of these, I have used Aloe and Shea. I also made my husband use the Lily one :D

Honestly, Sheet masks are more of a luxury product, really. Donot expect it to work on a particular skin issue. The effect lasts for a few hours or at the max a day.

It instructs to cleanse and tone your face and then apply the sheet mask.
However, it's said, donot keep the sheet mask more than 20 minutes on your face,'coz the mask then starts absorbing back the moisture. And you don't want that! The serum is quite light and watery. One does not need to wash it off later. You can just massage it well in your skin. I like to take the extra leftover serum in the packet and use it on my neck, collorbone area and hands. 
Nonetheless, sheets masks are very rejuvenating. Especially after a day out in this hot Indian summer. [May is the new March they say...and it sure feels like it.] Sheet masks feel like a boon!

Especially, if you suffer from very irritated and sensitive skin, where the sun causes red patches and little bumbs on your face/skin. A sheet mask after a tired day out is the best thing ever. It helps cool the face and put in all the moisture right back.

I make sure to use a sheet whenever I've had a long day out in the sun. It helps cool my skin and soothe any sun burns. The immediate effect is really great. I feel amazing right after the mask also my face seems more plump and well nourished.