Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Sunscreen Gel with Spf20

Price: Rs.285/- for 100ml 

Kolkata is so hot and humid right now, that even my trusted Neutrogena ultra sheer drytouch sunblock gets uncomfortable and sticky after a while. It's still my favourite for cooler or more comfortable weather. My summer saviour is usually the Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Matte Gel sunscreen. But I gave it to mom. 
I almost repurchased the Lotus one when this super cute cyan coloured tube popped up. An Aloe Vera sunscreen gel sounded just perfect to me. 

The colour is sooo cute, my babe thinks it's his toy! I have to keep it hidden from him!

Now for a little backend info:

SPF protect our skin only from UVB rays. For UVA protection look for zinc oxide or titanium dioxide in the ingredients because these protect against the full spectrum of UVA rays. So make sure your sunscreen/sunblock protects you from both UVA and UVB.

Ideally, higher the SPF, your skin is protected longer and better. But contrary to common belief, it is not always advisable to use an SPF higher than 50 on a regular basis. Very simply, higher the SPF, higher protection at a cost of more chemicals.
Also fair skin is more susceptible to the harmful rays and chemicals resulting into skin damage. The darker skin suffer less skin damage (comparatively) due to higher melanin pigment.

Now, by thumb rule, if my skin starts getting damaged or tanned after staying in the sun for 20 mins, an SPF 20 will protect my skin 20 times more. Hence 400 mins i.e for 6.6 hours. And one needs to re-apply sunscreen anyway if you sweat or wipe your face. So I don't see the point of using higher SPF on a daily basis and subjecting my skin to more chemicals, when I am protected for 6 hours approx or I have to anyways re-apply my sunscreen when I'm out 'coz i'm continuously wiping my face. Do I make sense?

Coming back to this product.

1) Meant for Oily and acne prone skin.
2)This serves both my purpose of aloe vera gel and sunscreen.
3) Super light on the skin. Immediately soaks into the skin.
4) Non-sticky and matte finish once absorbed.
5) Did not break me out
6) Can be applied under makeup.
7) Does not make my skin oily.
8) Pocket friendly

Putting it straight, I LOVE this sunscreen. It checks all the boxes. Can't get over how cute it looks.  Will definitely repurchase  this for daily use. However in case of a holiday or somewhere out where you know the sun will hit you hard, I'd suggest a sunblock with higher Spf. Neutrogena drytouch and Lotus Herbals safe sun matte gel still topping the list for Higher SPF.   

Have you used this? Which sunscreen are you using this summer?