Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner

Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner
(Price Rs.175/- for 120ml)
I was using The Body Shop’s Aloe toner for over 2 years. It’s such a huge bottle and honestly I hadn’t used it religiously everyday. I still managed to finish 3/4th of the bottle but the product crossed it’s expiry date. Otherwise when I realize a product is about to expire, I try to use it in other ways. However, it completely passed me to check this toner’s expiry. I hate wasting products especially the pricey ones. Anyways I have quite liked this one for my sensitive rash prone skin. Very soft and gentle on the skin. Almost like water. Read the mini review HERE

So when I got done with this one, I immediately ordered one online (It was on 30% Off, hence online) But TBS orders take quite some time to reach, and I started noticing the effects of NOT using a toner immediately. For temporary basis, I bought this Biotique toner (The sales woman suggested me this seeing my troubled skin). Biotique products have fared well on my skin before and it wasn’t too pricey so I picked this up.

What this claims-
An Ayurvedic medicine with Therapeutic properties and not a cosmetic product.
A pore tightening toner with Himalayan Waters. For Normal to Oily skin.

Daru haldi Root 0.1%, Dhania Fruit 2%, Maju phal 2%, Peppermint Oil 0.85%, Kheera  jal Q.S

No mention of any other chemicals or preservatives. (Now I don’t know if it’s not there or they choose not to mention them...)

Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner
My Thoughts-
The first time I unscrewed the cap and poured it on my cotton pad, it distinctly smelt of Cucumber and alcohol. I was immediately doubtful about it. Well, let’s just say it’s not a sensitive or gentle toner. It did burn on my rashes and inflamed parts. It felt like a strong astringent. However that could be ‘coz of the peppermint oil present in it. It also felt like an exfoliating toner. My face was freshly washed but it still took off remnants from my skin. Somehow that was very satisfying. It stripped off my skin of any oil or dirt and left my skin fresh and supple. It certainly was quite strong than what I was used to and didn't know what to expect or how my skin would react to it.
Thankfully it did not break me out and hence I kept using this.

Read here to know how a toner changed my skincare game.

3 months since, I LOVE this toner. I never skip on this. Not one day. I have seen such a huge difference since using this. I did receive my TBS toner, but I intend to use this first. And I’m already half bottle down! Even though it’s slightly on the stronger side, it did not irritate my skin. Rather it cools it down and preps my skin for moisturizer. It has helped with my rashes and the texture of my skin. I leaves my face squeaky clean and gets it ready for some fresh moisturizer.

It is very important to immediately moisturize the skin after using this, since it is so stripping. This is great for troubled and acne prone skin. But it’s always better to do a patch test or a trial to check if it matches your skin. If your skin is trouble free and you only want to balance the Ph level of your skin, then a gentle toner should be fine.
I think this toner performs really well. And I found a gem at this price!!